As I watch the events in Japan unfold, I am especially moved, having raised millions for earthquake preparedness in the US, Latin America and Japan.

When I was first recruited by the City of Los Angeles as a co-chair of an Earthquake Preparedness program in 1983, I had no idea I would be writing this blog 28 years later. It never occurred to me that I would be again focusing on programs to educate my community on disaster preparedness, or encouraging you to send support to Japan at this very serious time of need.

My primary focus at that time was to educate youth on the importance of earthquake preparedness.  Working with Joe Barbera of Hanna-Barbera and Dan Slusser of Universal Studios, we appointed ‘Yogi Bear’ the first Earthquake Preparedness Bear we printed tens of millions of booklets in English. Spanish and Japanese like the one featured in this blog.


It is painful to watch the suffering in Japan, but encouraging to think that some of the people on the ground today may have been influenced by earlier efforts to educate their families on preparedness and how to survive in the aftermath of an earthquake.

As the headline says, we never really know how what we do in our lives impacts the future of our lives.  We all have at least one school teacher or mentor who set an example that influenced us in later years.  In many cases what we learn in our youth contributes to who we are today.  “We teach best what we need to learn the most and we will always be learners, doers and teachers”.  I think about these ideals and watch for ways to apply life experiences in my daily life today.

As life would have it, I co-chaired the California State and Los Angeles City and County Earthquake Preparedness Committees, for which I received the “C” Flag for Private Sector Initiatives by President Ronald Reagan.  The Award was given in consideration of my work in support of the education of school-age children on earthquake preparedness.  These efforts also earned numerous awards from the City and County of Los Angeles, the State of California and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

In 2006 MMRGlobal also received a special award from President George W. Bush and the Small Business Administration for creating its comprehensive MyMedicalRecords electronic Personal Health Record and disaster preparedness management and communications system.

I am writing this blog on my third coast-to-coast trip in less than a month. I’ll spend all of Friday in new business meetings at Basking Ridge, and the weekend in New York, with institutional investors and some of our shareholders.

Monday, Kira and I will be in Washington, D.C., attending the Points of Light Institute tribute to George H. W. Bush, who will be honored for his contribution to the modern day voluntary service movement.  Also in attendance on this historic occasion will be Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter.  We are proud to be part of the Tribute Committee for this prestigious event, taking place at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

While in DC, Rich Lagani and I will spend time on a government relations tour and meetings with Kodak resellers attending a document imaging convention taking place the day after the Points of Light event.

Then it’s back to Los Angeles to prepare for the release of our annual report.  When I was very young, a man told me the more you put out to the universe the more you will get back in your life.  If there is any truth to that story, 2011 should be a great year for MMRGlobal.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal

4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90077, Tel. 310-476-7002


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Every event is subjective; it’s not what it means that matters, but what it means to you.

Today is my birthday.  And “Earthquakes,” specifically earthquake preparedness, mean a lot to me. When I started thinking about what I would write in this blog, I never thought that I would be watching the devastating pictures coming from Japan after their 8.9 magnitude earthquake yesterday.

Earthquake preparedness is a very personal subject to me, having lived first-hand through the California earthquake in 1994. In fact, Joe Barbera, co-Founder of Hanna-Barbera, Dan Slusser, former COO of Universal, and I chaired the California State Earthquake Preparedness Committee during the Reagan Administration. Yogi Bear was our Earthquake Preparedness Bear and Spokesbear.

I was awarded the prestigious “C” Flag Private Sector Initiative from the White House by President Reagan for raising millions of dollars for state and local earthquake preparedness education. I then spent more than ten years serving on Los Angeles City and County earthquake preparedness committees.

I also received a string of awards from the City and County of Los Angeles, the State of California, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).These efforts resulted in MMRGlobal receiving a special award from President Bush and the Small Business Administration in 2006 for deployment of the most comprehensive turnkey personal health record and disaster preparedness document management and communications system available today.

I spent weeks in Japan working with the Japanese on preparedness safety as an expert and guest of that nation. Kira and I and all the team at MMR send their thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan.

Birthdays for me are also a time to reflect on where I am at this moment, where I’ve been in the last 12 months, and what I’ve learned so far on Planet Earth.

The most obvious lesson is that the people who are happiest do what they want to do.  First, it took a long time, but I am blessed with a great relationship with my wife, Kira.  She is very patient and loving. I know I constantly push the boundaries of our relationship with my workaholic behavior and I thank her for her support and understanding on behalf of all the stakeholders in MMRGlobal, MMRF.

Hard work is something I grew up with as a family mantra. And hard work and patience is what MMRGlobal is all about.  As the Company’s Chairman and CEO, I get up every day thinking about creating value for my nearly eighty million share equity stake into a future for our shareholders, vendors, employees, Kira and I.

Next week, Kira and I are back to the east coast for the third time in a month. We will start with more meetings in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, and arrive in Washington D.C. on the 21st.

In Washington, we will join in honoring George H. W. Bush, our 41st president, along with three other of our living presidents; Honorary Chair, George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, at the Points of Light Institute’s celebration of George H. W.   Bush’s contribution to the modern day voluntary service movement.   Volunteerism takes on a special meaning today since “Volunteers” will be the ones on the front line feeding and sheltering those who lost their homes and, most important, leading the rescue efforts to save lives.

Kira and I are proud to be part of the Tribute Committee for this prestigious event, taking place at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, which will feature Garth Brooks, Sheryl Crow, Cee Lo Green, Reba McEntire, Sam Moore, Brad Paisley, Kid Rock, Darius Rucker, and Carrie Underwood. You can watch this very special show on NBC, March 28th, at 8:00 EST.

While in Washington, I will, of course, combine this trip with sales calls, a government relations tour, and meetings with potential investors on behalf of MMR.

Most of my “adult” birthdays have been spent as fundraisers to benefit my Charitable Foundation, “The Robert H. Lorsch Foundation Trust.” In fact, we have celebrated at The Robert H. Lorsch Family Pavilion, located at The California Science Center, with as many as 2,400 people, where, in one year, we managed to raise nearly one million dollars, thanks in great part to a very generous sponsorship from Verizon.

As I reflect on the memories of my past years, I think about some very special birthdays.  If I could celebrate my birthday with all of you, I would simply ask that you honor the day by “giving” gifts to any emergency disaster agency for relief in Japan or The RHL Foundation Trust at 1158 26th Street, Suite 521, Santa Monica Ca. 90403. .  Any tax-deductable contribution to the trust will go 100% to disaster relief in Japan.

In the alternative, you can give to disaster relief in Japan and your family at the same time.  Go to www.myesafedepositbox.com or www.mymedicalrecords.com now and sign up for an account. One hundred percent of this month’s revenue from your new account will go to disaster relief in Japan.

Celebrate something today, I surely will.  It will mean something special to you.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal

4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90077, Tel. 310-476-7002


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We Have Given Up Our Whole Life To Be The Person We Are Now. Was It Worth It?

In my case, Yes!

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives, and to say mine is exciting is an understatement.  Today, we are in the final day of the HIMSS Conference. It’s 2AM and I finished the day spending a few minutes with Wil Yu, from the National Coordinators office of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Everyone from medicine, government and technology is here.  The convention floor reminds me of the first COMDEX convention when I represented Microsoft and Roland Hanson and he and I launched the “Mouse.”(http://www.thehmccompany.com/rowland.html)  Roland is now a member of the MMRGlobal Board of Advisors.  Click here to view article.

There is no question of the importance of Health IT on the world stage when the two highest ranking officials in health care, The Honorable Kathleen Sebelius, United States Secretary of Health and Human Services and David Blumenthal, MD, MPP, National Coordinator for the Health Information Technology Department of Health and Human Services, join together to make the closing keynote remarks at HIMSS.

As I get ready for the third and final day of the show, I will go straight from the show to the airport for a flight to Boston. Then tomorrow, I will host at least thirty-five institutional investors at our second Investor Roadshow.

Until I leave the show, I will also continue to use every available moment meeting with investment bankers and other strategic partners about numerous opportunities, including Dell, Microsoft, multiple wireline and wireless carriers, and many others, and Google, of course.

The first two days of our HIMSS adventure has been nothing short of phenomenal and absolutely packed (www.himssconference.org).  Our booth is directly across the hall from Google Health. As a result, we are seeing everybody who is anybody.  In fact, visit www.mmrglobaltoday.com and see pictures of the action for yourself.

Ralph, AJ, Joy, Eric and Muhammad are working the trade show floor with support from Rich Lagani, Sunil, Kira and I, demonstrating MMRPro and our Personal Health Records products and services.  Kira is even helping manage the traffic flow in the booth. And if you have not seen it, the new MMRPro video is getting great reviews. Shorter and more comprehensive than before, you can watch it at www.mmrprovideos.com The Kodak team of Jim, Rich, Jody, Megan and Bryan are also demonstrating  Pro and the latest in MMRPro advanced high speed scanning capability. If you were a fly buzzing around our HIMSS booth you would be blown away by “the action.”

Meanwhile Rich Lagani is spending his time meeting with health insurers and financial institutions who are interested in  us based on the Company’s existing relationship with Chartis. These business development opportunities take time; however, they can lead to gigantic results.

Sunil has walked at least 100 miles meeting with every possible strategic partner CTO at the show, from Microsoft to McKesson, to Apple, to Intel and Lucent, to name a very, very, very few.  Combining MMR and Kodak’s leading edge technology as a back end in support of all these major players in health IT helps insure that our advertising slogan, “The Future of Your Health at Work Today,” stays “at Work” tomorrow.

Sunil, Ralph, Rich and I have also all been meeting with middleware providers who already support thousands of hospitals looking for a robust PHR.  This is a very big opportunity.  All of these developers and providers represent opportunities for MMR to offer its Personal Health Record to fulfill “meaningful use,” as is required for Personal Health Records, into their existing hospital clients where they control the future of that hospital’s care.

Attendees are feeling the heat from the mandate to offer Personal Health Records by 2014. And the lines around strategic opportunities are getting brighter.  4medica, provider of the industry’s leading cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) lab results and clinical integration platform, announced at the show that they are providing 27,000 providers with access to more than 30 million unique electronic lab samples and patient records.

Visitors this year are here to buy, not just look. In fact, Spalding Surgical showed up and bought a second MMRPro system, and based on that, another surgery center bought one right at the show.

Oleg Bess, 4 Medica CEO, was my neighbor at www.LorschLand.com for ten years.  Who knows what a good neighbor policy could bring to these two emerging growth companies.

So was it worth the read?

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To Learn Anything You Must Put Aside The Safety Of Your Ignorance

I want to thank everyone for the enthusiasm and positive comments about my blog, particularly over the last several weeks. In fact I have had several requests from publisher’s networks to publish my blogs on a regular basis for newspapers throughout the country. Although after some of the events of last week, it’s a tempting offer (specifically speaking of the political climate in the middle east), I am convinced the big potential is to take on full time spiritual blog writing after my mission on earth with MMRGlobal is complete.

So who is Bob Lorsch anyway? There is a sign on my office wall that says, “To be Average Scares The Hell Out Of Me”. If any of the readers of this blog have any interest in actually learning facts about MMRGlobal or Bob Lorsch, I am always available to discuss facts vs. fiction at 310-476-7002.

This week, we are at T minus 10 on the countdown to HIMSS where we expect to announce the details of our comprehensive Concierge Medicine launch, Consumer Sweepstakes, Favorite Things Emmy Program and expanded relationship with Kodak. In my spare time I am also working on biotech licensing opportunities worldwide. In addition this coming weekend I am in Orlando at Kodak’s KES meeting in Orlando.

Also, as a result of MMR’s relationship with Lucent in the United States, last week, Unis posted photos on their website of a first meeting between Lucent and Unis in China to discuss Lucent’s interest in the MMR-UnisTH China Joint Venture and possibly becoming an active participant. The value of having Lucent as a potential strategic partner in China could represent a tremendous opportunity.

And since many of you are new to this Blog and may not have known me personally for the past 30 plus years, I thought you would be interested in the following along with a copy of my bio. Click here to view article.

On May 15, 06 for those of you who subscribed to AOL you saw this on the AOL home page on that day.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch is a Los Angeles businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He founded MyMedicalRecords, Inc. in 2005, leading the company through a merger with the biotechnology company Favrille, Inc., completed in January 2009. Mr. Lorsch was elected Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the combined company, which was renamed MMR Information Systems, Inc. and officially became MMRGlobal, Inc. (OTC: MMRF) in June 2010. The name was chosen to more accurately reflect the company’s business as a worldwide provider of its MyMedicalRecords consumer and professional products for the healthcare industry. These include the MyMedicalRecords Personal Health Record (www.mmrvideos.com) and the MMRPro professional solution for physicians and small hospitals (www.mmrprovideos.com). Additionally, MMR’s MyEsafeDepositBox provides secure storage solutions to the insurance, legal and financial services industries (www.myesafedepositbox.com).

As a result of MMR’s merger with Favrille, the company also acquired intellectual property assets, including data and tissue samples from the FavId® vaccine clinical trials to treat B-cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and an anti-CD20 antibody that was developed as a potential candidate for the next generation Rituxan®.

Mr. Lorsch also heads up the private equity and consulting firm, The RHL Group, Inc., (www.rhlgroup.com) with diverse interests in e-commerce, entertainment, and biotechnology. For over 20 years he was in the telecommunications and marketing services industries. From 1994-1998, he was Chief Executive Officer of SmarTalk TeleServices, Inc., leading the company he co-founded for $5000 plus about $400,000 in credit card debt and built it into one of the largest providers of prepaid telecommunications products and services in the world. SmarTalk had a market cap of nearly $1 billion when it moved to Ohio in January of 1998 and Bob retired into eight years of Philanthropy. Prior to that, he partnered with Pacific Bell Information Services to build a voice mailbox system that became part of the WinFax product offerings.

In the 1980s, Mr. Lorsch built and headed the Lorsch Creative Network (LCN), a full-service advertising and sales promotion agency specializing in marketing campaigns for “blue chip” national and international clients, including the ABC, CBS and NBC television networks, Campbell’s Soup, Procter & Gamble, Marvel Entertainment, Johnson & Johnson, Taco Bell, Northrop Grumman, and McDonald’s Corporation, among many others.

Mr. Lorsch also founded Natural Products for Pets, Inc., which he launched in 2001 as the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the Dancing Paws product line. Offered at major retail specialty stores and on the Internet at www.dancingpaws.com, Dancing Paws is a popular pet nutrient system that is produced at human dietary supplement plants requiring FDA approval. One of the company’s leading products is “Breath-A-Licious,” a dental treat for dogs that is an industry best-seller.

Known early on for his innovation and marketing acumen, one of Mr. Lorsch’s out-of-the-box campaigns was chronicled in the book Barbarians Led by Bill Gates: Microsoft from the Inside, which recounts the first launch of Microsoft. In it, he is described as “a marketing mastermind…a magician who believed anything was possible and simply wouldn’t take no for an answer,” and where in one week “Microsoft had reinvented and redefined the idea of promotion.” Another innovation involves his efforts starting in 1981 to sell advertising on the Space Shuttle and International Space Station to benefit NASA research programs. He has continued to maintain the currency of his copyrighted proposals and has provided expert testimony to the Senate Subcommittee on Science, Technology and Space, expanding the scope of his programs to include future missions to the Moon and Mars.

Mr. Lorsch’s support of science and technology was recognized in 1998 by Vice President Al Gore in his dedication of the new California Science Center in Los Angeles, where the Robert H. Lorsch Family Pavilion stands as the gateway to the museum in historic Exposition Park.

Mr. Lorsch is a Member of the Board of Trustees of the California Science Center at Exposition Park, also having served a four-year term on the State-appointed Board of Directors; Member of the Board and of the Executive Committee of D.A.R.E. America; Member of the Board of Governors of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center; Member of the Board of Governors of the Los Angeles Police Historical Society; and Member of the Board of the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation. He has also served as a National Vice President and President of the Executive Committee/Western Region of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Further, he has been a major supporter of the John Wayne Cancer Institute; the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation; and the Thalians Mental Health Center at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Mr. Lorsch has received numerous awards and proclamations for his public spirit. He was recognized in 2006 by the U.S. Small Business Administration with its “American Spirit Award” for his efforts in disaster preparedness since the early 1980′s and MyMedicalRecords.com’s contribution to disaster preparedness in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. He has also received the prestigious “C” Flag Private Sector Initiative award from the White House during the Reagan administration for his work in raising millions for financing state and local earthquake preparedness education. His efforts for this cause, which include serving on numerous earthquake preparedness committees, have also earned him awards from the City and County of Los Angeles, the State of California and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

On June 5, 2002, Mr. Lorsch was recognized by the City of Los Angeles when the Los Angeles City Council adopted a resolution commending the entrepreneur/philanthropist for his outstanding charitable work and business leadership, and further honored him by creating “Bob Lorsch Day.”

Mr. Lorsch has helped raise millions of dollars for charitable organizations through a combination of direct giving and by creating cause-related marketing programs for national advertisers from which organizations like the Special Olympics have benefited.

For his philanthropy, he has been recognized by the following charitable organizations: the anti-drug, anti-violence organization D.A.R.E. America honored him in 1998 with its coveted Future of America Award at a dinner where he was named D.A.R.E.’s “Man of the Year.” He was instrumental in raising over $2 million for this organization at the dinner, which represents the most successful fund raising event held by D.A.R.E. and is among the most successful money-raising events honoring an individual in the Los Angeles area. The Muscular Dystrophy Association honored Mr. Lorsch in 1999 with its esteemed Humanitarian of the Year award; the Southern California Chapter of the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America named him Humanitarian of the Year 2000; and Starlight Children’s Foundation (now the Starlight/Starbright Children’s Foundation) honored him in April 2002 with the Golden Wish Award at its 19th annual gala hosted by Jamie Lee Curtis.

In October 2003, Mr. Lorsch was honored by the Wildlife WayStation with its “Paws of Fame” Humanitarian Award in recognition of his philanthropy and unselfish dedication to the world-renowned animal sanctuary. In 2009 he received the Humanitarian Award from the charitable organizations Therapeutic Living Centers for the Blind and Love Across the Ocean.

Mr. Lorsch has been a featured speaker on personal health records and telecommunications at forums nationwide, including MIT. He has also been highlighted in hundreds of national and international newspapers and magazines and has been interviewed on numerous television and radio shows. His career of combining entrepreneurship and philanthropy was the focal point of one of the seven keys to success in the 2007 book, “The Millionaire Zone,” authored by ABC Radio Host and AOL Family Financial Editor Jennifer Openshaw. His entrepreneurial spirit was also profiled on AOL’s Money & Finance Web portal (“From High School (Almost) Dropout to Having $100 Million”) and in the 2007 book, “The Engine of America,” written by Hector V. Barreto, former head of the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch, CEO, MMRGlobal
4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90077, Tel. 310-476-7002, Fax 206-374-6136
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Why Are There so Many Sharks in the Water?

The Senate voted to keep President Obama’s health care bill in place. This means that the Supreme Court will eventually decide whether the new law stands or fails. MMRGlobal is well positioned regardless of any outcome.

When you listen to my Fox Satellite radio interview on The Money Channel from earlier this week, (Listen Here), you’ll learn more about MMRGlobal and why MMR benefits doctors and patients no matter which ever way the debate goes, and regardless of any modification of the law.

Should the bill not get repealed, government stimulus will reinforce the agenda to get doctors and other health care professionals paperless.  If all or any of the program does get modified or repealed, the MMR stimulus plan bubbles to the top as an alternative form of subsidies through the MMRPro system (www.mmrprovideos.com).

In fact, the MMRPro stimulus package can pay health care professionals more than five times the amount of the government’s stimulus program using a system provided in part by Kodak and their state of the art document imaging technology, at a cost substantially less than a typical Electronic Medical Record system. Regardless of reform, MMRPro should emerge a winner in this controversial debate.

While the debate goes on everywhere, MMR is planning a month of very exciting events. First, on February 12 it’s off to Orlando for the Kodak Executive Summit and Awards dinner.  I will spend 2 days with the senior management at Kodak and expect a number of positive announcements about our relationship coming from those sessions.

Then returning to Los Angeles, to prepare for the following week back in Orlando, at HIMSS, in a 20′ by 30′ booth where MMR will exhibit with Kodak’s sales team (http://www.himssconference.org), with Google Health across the hall.  The focus of this year’s presentation is how MMRPro represents a first step for the concierge medicine profession, a very hot subject as profiled in an article in The New York Times this week, located at http://tinyurl.com/4u6g97w .

We will be talking about how MMRPro can be one of the most important support tools to any “Concierge Medicine” practice. Kodak will be there to help demonstrate the new MMR co-branded Kodak Scan Station 550 scanner. If you are visiting Disney World, stop by and say hello.

From HIMSS it’s right on to Boston to do an institutional investor road show, followed by a quick series of government relations meetings before heading home to Los Angeles.

With concierge medicine, patients pay a reasonable upfront fee to their medical provider and receive personal service that extends to having the physician’s cell phone and email address and more plus with MMRPro their personal medical records in real time.

The President and I seem to have one thing in common when it comes to health care. We constantly get criticized for doing what we believe is right.  Obama is working on a national agenda for health care and, like it or not, it is an issue that needs attention.  I am working to build a company using the health information technology he is pushing.

Meanwhile, for every unrelated reason imaginable, I am bombarded by many spending their time averse to Obama or MMR’s efforts.  I guess these days many people do not seem to have anything better to do.  They spend their days attacking and retreating from behind keyboards and aliases, without any facts to support a position, continuing to nibble like sharks on any effort that can help make our free enterprise system great.

Most of these “sharks” have never even tried an MMR Personal Health Record account.  However they lay in wait, ready to attack anything that moves in the water.  I wish them all (the sharks) a case of indigestion so they have an excuse to activate an MMR PHR account and find out for themselves what a great product and company this is.

I’ve always believed that the more you put out in the universe, the more you get back. But it seems no matter what you put out there some of the “sharks” will find it tasty. I guess that is the price of admission.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal

4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor  Los Angeles,  CA 90010, Phone 310-476-7002,  Fax 800-203-2127


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As usual with MMR, each week gets more crowded with travel, appointments, addition of personnel and meetings with analysts, investors, broker/dealers and institutions.

Richard Lagani, who we announced as the newest member of our management team yesterday, is in town this week.  In case you missed reading about him, go to www.mmrglobal.com under  press releases.  Richard comes from 14 years as an executive with Chartis, Inc., where he was most recently Senior Vice President in product development.  As such, he is most familiar with our products and services particularly the Chartis relationship. 

Today I will travel to San Francisco to participate in events surrounding the all- important JP Morgan Healthcare Conference.  I will also be attending the OneMedForum Business Development and Finance Conference.

These events bring together the most influential finance people in healthcare IT and biotech. The conferences, which piggyback on one another, are specifically designed to showcase emerging fast-growth companies that industry analysts believe represent the best in innovative technology and global opportunity to the investment community.

JP Morgan’s event is an indication of how seriously they see the issue of government-mandated healthcare reform.  According to a survey by Dow Jones VentureSource, 77% of Venture Capitalists and 180 CEOs of venture-backed companies say that Health IT investment is expected to continue its extraordinary growth in 2011.  More than 300 companies, both public and private, will network with as many as 4,000 investors.

We had a series of great meetings in Las Vegas last week at the CES Show, exploring interoperability between consumers and our technology.  Soon all kinds of devices sold at retail will be able to interface with our Personal Health Record seamlessly.  From the bathroom scale to a chip in your running shoes or a blood-pressure cuff, MMRGlobal (MMRF) will help chart the way to health and wellness for the future.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal

4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor  Los Angeles,  CA 90010, Phone 310-476-7002,  Fax 800-203-2127


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You Are Free To Get Whatever Past or Future You Choose-Happy 2011

For those of you who missed it, we closed the year with a flourish, announcing a $13 million non exclusive licensing deal with Big Pharma, which you can read about in the form of the Company’s 8K on file with the SEC by visiting MMRGlobal.com and Investor Relations. We still retain the rights to all of the Company’s biotech assets for similar transactions and other development potential, which we believe offer significant value to our shareholders. Last week’s deal does not include anything that could come from our Anti-CD20 antibodies. These revenue opportunities have the potential to be significant.

Last year we mentioned we were working with a large financial institution on a program that incorporates customized aspects of the Company’s Esafe Deposit Box. Although nothing is certain our track record speaks for itself. We can now say, after more than three years of development including numerous due diligence visits to the Company’s hosting facilities, we are in process of building a pilot test module for their mortgage group that has the potential to simplify and speed the ability of the institution to make, modify, track and close loans.

As we begin the new year, health care is again dominating the news out of Washington. And more and more consumers are looking at the need to establish a Personal Health Record for their family.

Last month we also kicked off the first of a series of road shows which will continue over the next several months. They included hitting the morning talk show circuit in an effort to educate consumers on why they need a PHR. You can see the first of these “Good Morning” interviews on the Company’s YouTube channel at http://tinyurl.com/258ufxj .

Also as you plan your new year, please try to join us on April 30th for the launch of www.MyBlueButton.org which will benefit the Thalians and Operation Mend. Although it’s not your typical corporate event, it represents an opportunity for us to meet in person and for you to send a special message to our troops. More information is available at www.thalians.org where you can watch a video about the Thalians. For ticket information contact Bobbie in my office at the number below.

Again Happy New Year and its now off to begin one very busy agenda.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch, CEO, MMRGlobal
4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor Los Angeles, CA 90010, Phone 310-476-7002, Fax 800-203-2127
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A Happy New Year's greeting to all our friends and supporters.

Tomorrow morning the Company will release an 8-K regarding our first major licensing agreement pertaining to MMRGlobal’s biotech assets.

“As a momentous year ends….”

“They said it couldn’t be done…”

“As Al Jolson said, ‘You ain’t heard nothing yet…”

As TV commercials say, “Wait, there’s more…”

In China it will be the Year of the Rabbit…for the rest of the world, it could be the Year of MMR”…………

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch, CEO, MMRGlobal
4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90077, Tel. 310-476-7002, Fax 206-374-6136
Follow me on Twitter at PHREMRGURU

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Enjoy the Journey Not the Destination

Although we never stop working at MMRGlobal, I will take Christmas DAY off. The rest of the corporate elves will be at their benches, monitoring systems from India to Omaha. Of course, I will still attempt to respond to any communication from shareholders that get to me.

However, we will all be back in the office the week between Christmas and New Years, when we will keep working on delivering a New Years week that all of our shareholders, friends and supporters can celebrate.

Additionally, before we take the one day off, I wanted to also share one of the things you can expect shortly after the first of the year. MMRGlobal occupies a unique space in health IT and the evolving universe of healthcare globally.

We thrive on technology and work hard to employ the best and brightest technical resources to create proprietary platforms that help keep our products and services www.mymedicalrecords.com, www.mmrpro.com and www.myesafedepositbox.com safe and secure. Simply put, the best tools in the market for maintaining and managing one’s Personal Health Records and other important documents around the globe.

Shortly after the beginning of the New Year, we will announce a new telecommunications infrastructure designed to dramatically reduce costs. Since bringing Ralph Salazar on board we have been tasking him to build out our telecommunications systems, eliminating the need for outside non-carrier vendors to deliver our services.

I am excited that yesterday I got to feel somewhat like a modern day Alexander Graham Bell when I got to said “Ralph, “Come Here I Want You”…..on the new system. When complete, we will be able to license our technology which could also generate revenues while managing usage of strategic partners by providing MMR patented services to the healthcare industry in support of whatever products and services they use, with unparalleled safety and security.

Speed to market is always a challenge because of the lead times it takes for MMR to generate revenues from initial contract to deployment and sales.
When launching worldwide, we face similar challenges in deployment of the telecom infrastructure of our product, which I consider the backbone and unique selling proposition of our products and services.

The reason MMR’s products are so powerful is that the Company’s patented telecom infrastructure allows us to receive any document from any system anywhere in the world regardless of the originating technology. When you consider that nearly 80% of all medical records are moved as some form of paper, this represents a very unique selling proposition as we move into the New Year. This will help speed the Company’s global time to market.

The new platform, when announced formally as being “On the grid”, will enable us to service Chartis International, our partners in China, and eventually, in India and the rest of the world in any termination environment language and even dialect.

Meanwhile, until next week, please accept the wishes of the entire MMRGlobal team for you and your family and friends to have the happiest and healthiest of holiday seasons.

P.S. I feel sorry for all those cynics who don’t believe in Santa Claus.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch, CEO, MMRGlobal
4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor Los Angeles, CA 90010, Phone 310-476-7002
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2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, according to Chinese astrology…

The rabbit is one of the luckiest signs in the Chinese Astrology chart, and enjoys being the center of attention. The forecast for 2011 is that “the Rabbit will find that the momentum he created during 2010 has set him up beautifully in 2011, a stunning and most favorable year, with his luck running high. He may make money from an entrepreneurial idea. “

Why would Bob Lorsch care about a rabbit? Well, he would if he was the CEO of a company with a strategic business in China. The Chinese take their astrology very seriously and make decisions, both personal and in business, accordingly. If they feel lucky, that’s just fine with me.

Last Thursday, I met with executives from Alcatel-Lucent, one of the largest technology and telecommunications companies in the world. Alcatel-Lucent is also a strategic and equity partner in Shanghai Bell and operates in more than 130 countries.  Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd. is in the business of telecommunications and information in China.

Last week MMRGlobal continued what has been a process of several years looking for the right opportunity with Lucent.  It appears that process could begin in China.  We intend on working with Alcatel-Lucent in support of our Unis relationship and other opportunities in China including many with Kodak and the Pacific Rim. Because of the Shanghai Bell connection Alcatel Lucent could bring MMR the POTS telephone connectivity and wireless infrastructure to exploit MMR’s proprietary personal health record products and services in China.  The relationship with Unis could assist us in realizing our financial goals in China.

We are proud to have a great collection of companies that we consider strategic relationships.  Alcatel Lucent is a great company, I have known members of management for more than 20 years and to have an opportunity to be working with them, Unis Chartis International and Kodak demonstrates the Rabbit is working overtime.

As the Christmas holiday gets closer our team is working very hard to deliver a gift of continued performance.  However, if you are still wondering what to give some special people on your list a charitable contribution in their name is always a great thing to give.  In fact visit www.rhlgroup.com/thalians and make that contribution to the Thalians Mental Health Center for the UCLA Medical Center program “Operation Mend” which benefits our returning Veterans.

A $1000 tax deductible gift to The Thalians will get a ticket to  the 55th Annual “Thalian’s Gala,” April 30th, 2011 at the Playboy Mansion.  Now that’s a place many have dreamed about Santa taking us too.  

Lastly if you do not have an MMR Personal Health Record Account please call Herlyn or Bobbie through Investor Relations and let us give you a 90 day free Personal Health Record or MyEsafeDepositBox account.  Our gift to you so when the family is together you can be sure to have a PHR and emergency safe deposit box is in place to be safe for the New Year.

So remember to go to Go to http://www.rhlgroup.com/thalians, and watch the video, it will bring back some amazing memories of the blessings in our lives.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal, 4401 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles,  CA 90010, Phone 310-476-7002

www.mymedicalrecords.com. www.mmrvideos.com, www.mmrmdvideos.com

Follow me on Twitter at phremrguru

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