Go Behind The Curtain & Ask The Wizard…

He will tell you, “it is real, it always will be, and it exists in and beyond every corner of every alternate universe”….so says Richard Bach.

I have spent the last four years blogging about the magic inside that keeps me motivated.  Many have criticized me for being a frustrated version of Richard Bach; however, nothing could be further from the truth. I write my blogs the way I do because it works for me.  Some readers might say that I should focus my writing more about the business of MMR, but what fun would that be, after all, if you can’t make money and have fun is it really worth it. The fact is that when I put myself out there personally I still get lots of the comments about MMR, but I also get comments about how I make a difference in other people’s lives, and that makes me feel good.

One example is Dr. Shakil Afridi (www.freeafridi.com), who is sitting in a dungeon in Pakistan after sacrificing his family so that he could help America pinpoint the location of Osama bin Laden. Kira and I have received a landslide of worldwide press from our efforts creating a campaign to free Dr. Afridi in order to call attention to this important humanitarian crisis. As a result of our efforts and the efforts of the employees at MMR, we received worldwide coverage last week, from London’s “Daily Mail” and Page 6 of the “New York Post” to Breitbart. Being who I am allows me to run MMRGlobal, a publicly traded company under MMRF, while keeping MMR in the spotlight and giving back by calling attention to humanitarian and philanthropic issues in the world like the plight of Dr. Shakil Afridi.

Now I am going to talk about MMR and how my Bach-like belief system is turning the dream of an emerging growth opportunity into the reality of a business which could hold more than one billion dollars worth of intellectual property rights for its shareholders. MMR is a company that was founded to facilitate better care by reducing medical costs and helping save lives.  MMR is a journey I embarked on as a result of my own life experiences and my fight to survive a deadly form of cancer 13 years ago which I did.

As I sit down to let my fingers do the walking, I realized that it was time to let you see how it’s possible that a person can turn a dream into a reality by simply wanting it to be so. This is the second time in my life I have entered an industry that was dominated by multi-billion dollar companies in communications or healthcare.

I entered both opportunities as the underdog, first competing in telecommunications, then health IT. The first time, based on will and determination, I knew I won big when I went public standing on the floor of the Nasdaq. This time I know we are winning based on the fact that we continue to hit consistent singles in the healthcare business and doubles and triples with our health IT and biotech patent portfolios.

So let’s travel to behind the curtain in Oz so you can actually see what the future could have in store for all of us. I believe that when you resist change you are stuck with what you have.  So in my world, I never resist change and I am always exploring places to visit on a never-ending canvas. Despite an extraordinary, unexplainable trading range in our stock, the direction is clearly up.  MMR’s world promises to continue coming alive with a high quality group of strategic partners and customers.  We no longer have to beat people over the head to get them to use a Personal Health Record.  Now we can focus on delivering products and services.  So as a result of consumer and professional awareness of PHRs and requirements to deploy them, we should begin to see revenues from operations and licensing far greater that any projected in the past.

E-Health is finally a reality of our time just like the evolution of other industries like credit monitoring services (which took forever to evolve), online banking services (which took forever to evolve), online travel services (which took forever to evolve), and online retail (which took forever to evolve). E-Health is now fast becoming a way of life.  And after eight long years, MMR is well positioned to benefit from that industry growth by exploiting the marketplace, much like Amazon did in retail, PayPal in payment processing, and eBay in auctions and commerce, to name only a few.

As CEO of the Company, I could not be more excited about how this year is progressing, and all the things that lie ahead.  For those who have followed this company since inception, when I have said, “the best is yet to come,” it means just that. For example, last week we spent a half-day in meetings with Sodexo regarding PHR offerings and an MMRPro distribution program internationally. We also met with representatives of the new employee owners of Kodak, who paid us a visit to help celebrate their purchase of Kodak’s Document Imaging business and other assets.  This means supply lines from Kodak in the future for MMRPro has never looked better.

Our relationships with all our strategic vendors and partners are excellent; from Nihilent to ng Connect to Unis-Tonghe, and Interbit Data, Fujitsu, Kodak, and many others. We continue to make significant progress in Australia and, in fact, one of our larger Australian strategic partners was in Los Angeles over the weekend helping us prepare for meetings with government officials in Australia next month. We are also getting close to significant announcements in Singapore.

During the week, we continued ongoing dialogue with WebMD and we met with Quest Diagnostics at their offices near San Diego. While we work through strategic business opportunities with both WebMD and Quest, we are also in meaningful conversations with half of the top 10 EMR vendors, including McKesson and Cerner, with whom the Company has already enjoyed a five-year licensing relationship. We are also getting closer to a major announcement with a wireless carrier where healthcare continues to be a major priority and agenda item. In all cases, and with all these opportunities, the Company continues to actively pursue other licensing and strategic business opportunities both here and abroad, as evidenced by last week’s announcement about the Middle East.

And to the extent relationships involve more than strategic conversations, we are keeping the investment banking team at B. Riley very busy. While all this goes on, the Company continues filing additional patent infringement and trademark actions.

Speaking of patents, the Company’s United States health IT portfolio has recently been re-valued to add Japan which increased it to as much as $1.3 billion.  As yet, the Company does not have a valuation on Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, Israel, and European nations which when added could increase the number significantly. Australia and Singapore are currently the subject of active investigation into infringement matters at this time.  http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=178404&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=1815638&highlight .

The MMR Patent Portfolio was created about the same time that the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology was formed. The MMR Patent Portfolio was granted over nearly an eight-year period of time as part of a multi-million dollar effort to create shareholder value through the ownership of patents and other intellectual property in 12 countries around the globe. Because there are thousands of patented products in every healthcare professional’s office and hospital, from the design of a handle on a scalpel to components of the most sophisticated imaging equipment, the healthcare industry has shown it respects the patent system, and, based on our experience so far, we feel good about our ability to license and monetize these patents on behalf of our shareholders.  In fact, we are not aware of a situation where an industry has paid so much attention to the value of a patent portfolio since Samsung and Apple went to court, which further makes us feel good about the future.

The fact that the MMR patents are the subject of worldwide media attention, and in the United States alone, the Company believes that more than 3000 hospitals and healthcare providers do, or will, infringe on the Company’s IP by the end of 2014, should make for a very good next few years.

In closing, my favorite Bachism is, “You are never given a wish without the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.”  So Kira, I am sorry I will be late for dinner tonight.


Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch, CEO, MMRGlobal
4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90010, Tel. 310-476-7002
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In Order to Live Free and Successfully You Must Sacrifice Boredom

The opportunities in Health IT are anything but “Boring”. Personal Health Records are fast becoming a tool used by more and more individuals who realize the value of having one for themselves and their family. Governments around the globe are also getting into the act, awarding hundreds of billions of dollars in stimulus monies as incentives to encourage health care professionals and consumers to embrace Health IT, ultimately leading to everyone having a Personal Health Record (“PHR”).

MMRGlobal was clearly the early horse in the Personal Health Record race and, after nearly 5 years, life at MMR is also anything but “boring”.  Just read in the press about what’s going on in a worldwide health information market that is slated to grow into the trillions of dollars.

And also speaking of “boredom”, the last thirty days have been anything but. Dozens of stories about the value of Electronic Medical Records and PHR’s have appeared in business-to-business media, all discussing the opportunities for health care professionals, consumers and investors in health IT.  Many of these articles are referenced in earlier copies of this blog.

Also not “boring”, just last week, Rich Lagani spent four days in London, meeting with hospital equipment distributors, providers and other European health care organizations.  Meanwhile, I will start this week off in Athens, Greece, meeting with representatives of government and local universities regarding opportunities for MMR to help reduce the costs of health care in Greece. There could not be a better time to demonstrate the power and the positive economics of health IT anywhere than this week in Greece.

While we explore opportunities in London and Athens, we continue to place one foot in front of the other in China, India and Australia, responding to interest in Qatar and other UE countries, as well as Russia, where the lack of a high speed infrastructure makes MyMedicalRecords.com a more cost effective solution to efficiently and inexpensively store and share medical information today.

And so far in October, while the company is knee deep in the closing of our third quarter, AJ & Rich are with 4Medica, Lucent and Kodak representatives at the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) meeting and convention in Las Vegas, where MMRGlobal is also exhibiting.

Meanwhile, the consumer media is also showing unprecedented interest in the importance of having a Personal Health Record.  On October 9th, Parade Magazine quoted Dr. Greg Ellis, President of the American Family Physician Association to millions of Sunday readers asking and answering the question, “Should Americans Have Personal Health Records.” His answer was a resounding, “Yes”.

Dr. Ellis stated that as a doctor, he believes having a PHR improves the physician’s ability to deliver a higher level of care to patients who know their own medical history and the medications they are taking, as well as all the notes and test results found in a patient’s previous history.

Dr. Ellis also pointed out the benefits of having medical records and other important documents available in the event of a disaster or other emergency such as a fire, flood, earthquake, even civil unrest.  That’s why MMR contains not only the most consumer-friendly Personal Health Record but also an emergency safe deposit box.

Coincidently, nearly three years earlier, after Hurricane Katrina, the SBA, in a ceremony attended by then President Bush, presented an award to MyMedicalRecords.com for being one of the most comprehensive disaster preparedness products that any family could have to store their most important documents including property deeds, birth certificates, marriage licenses, insurance policies, and of course brokerage statements of accounts for investors. That’s why, a MyMedicalRecords.com account, with a MyESafeDepositBox inside, truly represents the future of health care today!

The week after the October 9 issue of Parade, the Los Angeles Times published a Letter to the Editor from a physician working at the VA, saying that the Veteran’s Administration, in 1996, converted its record-keeping to electronic, thereby saving the VA millions of dollars, and making care of our wounded and ailing soldiers from all the services better. MyMedicalRecords.com is one of the only on-line personal health records that features connectivity to any doctor or hospital regardless of the plain paper or electronic medical records system currently in use.  This means that veterans who leave the VA system can use an MMR account to store their medical records after departing active military service and easily share them with their personal physicians in the private sector.

So what’s next to keep MMR from being boring?  As more and more physician groups and surgery centers adopt MMR products and services such as MMRPro, there will be opportunities to offer them a comprehensive MMR- branded certified MMR electronic medical records system. In fact MMR’s recently announced relationship with UST-Global is the first step to lining up resources and infrastructure partner to make that happen.

How does one avoid boredom?  There is a line that I learned in a basic LifeSpring training many years ago. The trainer was Jack Zwissig, who is on the MMRGlobal Board of Directors today.  The line goes, “When you resist opportunity, you are stuck with what you’ve got”. Being “stuck with what you’ve already got…..now that’s boring.



Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal

4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90010, Tel. 310-476-7002,  www.mmrglobal.com


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A shareholder called me last week inquiring in general about how MMRGlobal is doing. Most shareholders know that I make it a point to communicate with our shareholders regularly returning nearly every call and responding to mail that finds its way to my desk regularly.  This particular person has been a public shareholder since the reverse merger with Favrille and he was a Favrille shareholder before then.

I told him what I tell everyone about MMR, essentially, that we have a great product, great service and that we are being powered by a government initiative that wants to see everyone in America and other parts of the world have a Personal Health Record. Then he asked me, “Why is it taking so long to see revenue?”

I responded by asking this shareholder if he had a MyMedicalRecords account.

He said he didn’t. I asked why not? There have been three earthquakes, Hurricane Irene and Katia, a slew of storms, wildfires in California and Texas and the massive tornado season this country is busy rebuilding from.

This week we will all be remembering the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and disaster preparedness is a theme that is being hammered into our lives wherever we go and in whatever we read.  Then I asked this father of three small children who knew as much about our products and services as our customer service reps why he is not using the services from the Company he owns.  We talked about how time consuming it is each year when his children prepare for school and he and his wife have to provide health records and fill out new forms, and how much easier it would be if he had all his information in one place, available at the stroke of a key on his computer.

The fact is that MMR’s MyMedicalRecords.com service is the most secure and safe way to keep all your family’s medical records and other important documents before it gets too late.  The unfortunate fact is that people tend to wait until it’s too late.

MMR is here to get you ready for a “big one,” in whatever form it happens. It was not designed so you could clean up after one. In our case, government mandates to have a Personal Health Record will turn out to be a blessing not more bureaucracy.

Last week I received a copy of an article from August 30, 2011that appeared in Government Health IT.  The article discusses how the use of Personal Health Records at software provider EMC increased productivity, lowered healthcare costs and increased the value of EMC’s share price. The article stated, “The use of PHRs should increase based on recommendations for meaningful use stage 2, in which patients will be able to view and download their information to their computers or PHRs via patient portals and other methods.”   The article quotes Delia Vetter, EMC senior director of benefits and programs in saying that EMC has contained costs by about $200 million over 10 years, and that it also increased EMC shareholder value.

This is one of the first major on point validations of the importance of what MMrGlobal does and proof it works.  Read the article at http://govhealthit.com/news/some-employers-say-phrs-cut-healthcare-costs

Tomorrow on Wednesday September 7th, I will be in New York ringing the closing bell on the podium of the New York Stock Exchange in our continued efforts to call attention to MMRGlobal and in particular the importance of having a Personal Health Record for all Americans and their pets. To make that point I will join leading members of the American Humane Association, including Spokesdog Rin Tin Tin in ringing the bell.

Because I live in Los Angeles, earthquake, fire and flood country, I am prepared in case we have the “Big One.”  All my vital documents, marriage license, insurance policies, financial records and my irreplaceable family memorabilia, and of course, my medical records, are available anytime I need them at the click of a mouse. Kira and our menagerie of pets are also included in our accounts.

The best thing anyone can do for themselves and their family is to have a safe and secure place to put their personal documents and photographs, accessible from wherever they may be, in case of emergency or disaster. That is why I have spent the last five years believing that MyMedicalRecords.com is the right place to be at the right time in a challenging financial world.

Please do not simply “Hope” it will never be too late.  Go to MyMedicalRecords.com and sign up for an account today. Use registration code IRENE, protect your family and also benefit American Humane when you do.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal

4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90010



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Never Be Afraid To Experience Your Feelings

Back in Los Angeles after a red-eye flight last night, the last 5-day whirlwind trip had much to remember. However, it was marked with one of the most important and emotional highlights of my life. It came at the Points of Light Institute Tribute to President and Mrs. George H. W. Bush. It was called “All Together Now-A Celebration of Service”. If you watch American Idol and cry at the back-stories, then this was American Idol on steroids.

The emotional highpoint came when everyone was seated and the announcer said, Ladies and Gentleman…..United States President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalyn; Ladies and Gentleman…..United States President William Jefferson Clinton; Ladies and Gentleman…..United States President George W. Bush and his wife Laura; and, finally, Ladies and Gentleman…..tonight’s honorees United States President George Herbert Walker Bush and his wife Barbara. At that point, the person sitting next to me reached over to shake my hand; at first, I did not recognize Governor Tom Ridge, the first Secretary of The Department of Homeland Security.  Then I connected the fact that the universe had placed me next to the one man in this country who could do more for MMRGlobal at this time than just about anyone but President Obama who beamed the opening remarks in from his South American travels.

The message of the evening was all about all of us being a star in the galaxy of 1000 Points of Light and how anything we do for anyone can make a profound difference. I have spent much of my life in service to others and was particularly moved by the stories of the evening. I hope you will watch or record the evening on March 28th on NBC Prime Time. I promise you a family night you will cherish and an experience that you will never forget. For me, it is especially gratifying to be in a business where the deployment of a www.mymedicalrecords.com account or a www.myesafedepositbox.com account can do so much for someone in need, even perhaps save a life.

I get the pleasure of running a company that by its very existence gives back with these remarkable service offerings that can make a difference in an emergency or disaster. In addition to sitting with The Honorable Governor Ridge, Kira and I were joined by friends from the NRA and the Vice President of Marketing for Kaiser Mid-Atlantic. It always amazes me how when you put things into the universe, great things come back. Kaiser, The NRA and, of course, Governor Ridge are already on my call list this week (and they are expecting my calls).

On the MMR front, I spent Friday in Basking Ridge, at Verizon, where we are making great progress in what I believe will be a long-term very exciting relationship. Also, we will soon be announcing an integration of our products and services on the HealthVault platform. In fact MMR is planning on participating at the Microsoft Health Conference April 27, 2011 in Chicago. There we will be selling MMRGlobal as a PHR solution to HealthVault strategic partners. We will also continue our series of investor roadshows in Chicago.

I could not write this blog on Volunteerism and ignore the human suffering in Japan. If you read this blog, you know that I have been involved in Earthquake Preparedness since 1994. As part of that involvement, I raised and contributed the monies to print millions of booklets featuring “Yogi Bear” on what to do before, after, and during an earthquake or other disaster. As an easy act of volunteerism, perhaps you could participate in this simple task to make them go viral.

Please send this link http://mmrglobal.com/earthquake/ (or this entire blog) to everyone you know and ask them to share these booklets with everyone they know. Perhaps someday you will help save someone from unnecessary suffering or perhaps even save a life.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch, CEO, MMRGlobal

4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90077, Tel. 310-476-7002


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Why Are There so Many Sharks in the Water?

The Senate voted to keep President Obama’s health care bill in place. This means that the Supreme Court will eventually decide whether the new law stands or fails. MMRGlobal is well positioned regardless of any outcome.

When you listen to my Fox Satellite radio interview on The Money Channel from earlier this week, (Listen Here), you’ll learn more about MMRGlobal and why MMR benefits doctors and patients no matter which ever way the debate goes, and regardless of any modification of the law.

Should the bill not get repealed, government stimulus will reinforce the agenda to get doctors and other health care professionals paperless.  If all or any of the program does get modified or repealed, the MMR stimulus plan bubbles to the top as an alternative form of subsidies through the MMRPro system (www.mmrprovideos.com).

In fact, the MMRPro stimulus package can pay health care professionals more than five times the amount of the government’s stimulus program using a system provided in part by Kodak and their state of the art document imaging technology, at a cost substantially less than a typical Electronic Medical Record system. Regardless of reform, MMRPro should emerge a winner in this controversial debate.

While the debate goes on everywhere, MMR is planning a month of very exciting events. First, on February 12 it’s off to Orlando for the Kodak Executive Summit and Awards dinner.  I will spend 2 days with the senior management at Kodak and expect a number of positive announcements about our relationship coming from those sessions.

Then returning to Los Angeles, to prepare for the following week back in Orlando, at HIMSS, in a 20′ by 30′ booth where MMR will exhibit with Kodak’s sales team (http://www.himssconference.org), with Google Health across the hall.  The focus of this year’s presentation is how MMRPro represents a first step for the concierge medicine profession, a very hot subject as profiled in an article in The New York Times this week, located at http://tinyurl.com/4u6g97w .

We will be talking about how MMRPro can be one of the most important support tools to any “Concierge Medicine” practice. Kodak will be there to help demonstrate the new MMR co-branded Kodak Scan Station 550 scanner. If you are visiting Disney World, stop by and say hello.

From HIMSS it’s right on to Boston to do an institutional investor road show, followed by a quick series of government relations meetings before heading home to Los Angeles.

With concierge medicine, patients pay a reasonable upfront fee to their medical provider and receive personal service that extends to having the physician’s cell phone and email address and more plus with MMRPro their personal medical records in real time.

The President and I seem to have one thing in common when it comes to health care. We constantly get criticized for doing what we believe is right.  Obama is working on a national agenda for health care and, like it or not, it is an issue that needs attention.  I am working to build a company using the health information technology he is pushing.

Meanwhile, for every unrelated reason imaginable, I am bombarded by many spending their time averse to Obama or MMR’s efforts.  I guess these days many people do not seem to have anything better to do.  They spend their days attacking and retreating from behind keyboards and aliases, without any facts to support a position, continuing to nibble like sharks on any effort that can help make our free enterprise system great.

Most of these “sharks” have never even tried an MMR Personal Health Record account.  However they lay in wait, ready to attack anything that moves in the water.  I wish them all (the sharks) a case of indigestion so they have an excuse to activate an MMR PHR account and find out for themselves what a great product and company this is.

I’ve always believed that the more you put out in the universe, the more you get back. But it seems no matter what you put out there some of the “sharks” will find it tasty. I guess that is the price of admission.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal

4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor  Los Angeles,  CA 90010, Phone 310-476-7002,  Fax 800-203-2127


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The jury remains out on the merits, pro and con, of the president’s controversial health care legislation, however, whatever the final outcomes, health IT stands to profit and companies like MMRGlobal more than most.

The president is expected to speak tonight in his State of the Union address on the controversy surrounding health care reform.   Regardless of the debate and the outcome, MMRGlobal has created a niche which is not dependent on any provisions of the new legislation, including the stimulus program.

In fact, an abolishment of stimulus reimbursement is good for pure play emerging growth companies since many of the services offered are the entry level solution to get to comprehensive automated solutions.  We believe MMRPro represents the first essential and environmentally acceptable step in preparing for any Electronic Medical Record solution, specifically by eliminating paper-based records in a physician’s office while preparing for a seamless migration to any Electronic Medical Records system anywhere in the world.

Additionally, in a world where increasingly numbers of physicians and health care professionals cannot afford to accept insurance company and government benefits, MMRPro represents an important tool for stepping into the field of concierge medicine. Concierge medicine is how fast become the way that all Americans may be selecting a physician regardless of economic status.  It provides an unparalleled communication link between doctor and patient which generates revenue back to a practice.

Notwithstanding the government’s mandate that by 2014 Americans need to have some type of Personal Health Record will stand and MyMedicalRecords.com, is the only system of its kind technology that interacts seamlessly with every other electronic health record (EHR) system so far invented.

While government is attempting to force standardized systems that jeopardize the privacy of the patient and many say give control to regulators over who will live and who will die, what is really happening is that small business is being forced to come up with solutions to streamline health care without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on systems and with tools designed to create a better health care system and a better life for doctors.

One of the great American aspirations has been to be a doctor. Twenty years ago that meant someone had the time and financial incentive to truly take care of a patient. Today it means eight minutes (the average visit), and less money per hour than Joe the Plumber. 

In spite of the controversy, small business and companies like MMR can change all that. In fact MMR’s own stimulus plan that could award doctors more than  five times annually what the government is offering, while  allowing them to stay open and do business as they always have…… based on The Great American Dream.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal (OTC:MMRF)

4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor  Los Angeles,  CA 90010, Phone 310-476-7002,  Fax 800-203-2127


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The Only Thing That Shatters Dreams Is Compromising with Greatness

The other night I spent the evening with Rob Reiner, David Geffen, Barbara Streisand, California former Governor, Gray Davis, and the other luminaries at Ron Burkle’s Green Acres Estate.  I sat next to Adam Lambert (my favorite American Idol) and was entertained in a private concert by Elton John for nearly 90 minutes.  The event, which raised more than three million dollars, was in honor of The American Foundation For Equal Rights, specifically in support of gay and lesbian marriage.

 As I sat listening to Elton for more than an hour, it was the closest I could get to the 3rd Out of Body experience I can remember in my life.  It was one of those nights where I was able to truly reflect on all that is going on around me and where I sit regarding my dreams for MMRGlobal.  As I looked around I saw the true movers, shakers and captains of industry. I saw no one in this sea of billionaires that “compromised”.

As I sat and reflected, I soaked in the sounds of the evening and it was clear in contrast that I am not happy with the time it is taking to bring the same feeling of greatness to MMR.  My being there felt like a natural part of the process of seeking greatness for a Company for at least the second time around. Ironically, Ron Burkle had been a big part of my life the first time around when I led a group to purchase a Company from him and then took it public on the Nasdaq. I realized I should have MMR playing in his size playground rather than mine.

Clearly nothing comes easy, and by being satisfied with anything less than greatness was a compromise I was creating. After all when you play on the lawn of the White House and you have billions of dollars in the bank, life is easier. 

In the next 5 weeks I will do a road show in Boston, expand our relationships in China, attend Kodak’s Americas Region Kick Off Meeting in Orlando, attend meetings in New York with Chartis, Verizon and others and spend time on presentations to begin selling MMR’s Personal Health Record for clinical trial usage. I will then come back to Los Angeles for 3 days before I turn right around and travel back to Orlando for HIMMS. At HIMMS, I will spend a day participating in meetings with all our strategic partners, including a planned meeting with Unis and Lucent.  In the process, I will also plan the details of investor road shows in Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington DC.

Meanwhile, The RHL Group (www.rhlgroup.com) is working on a possible acquisition of a billion dollar Company, which ultimately could benefit The RHL Group investment portfolio, which includes MMR.

I guess this means my “amended” New Year’s resolutions are to think and live like a “happy billionaire” on my way to being one.  Try it with me.  Coming from abundance is simply a better, happier, healthier way to live your life. By enjoying the now, when we get there, we will have enjoyed the journey, not just the destination, by visualizing the greatness I want for MMR, it’s employees, vendors and shareholders.

Now I will take a break for an hour of Yoga, meet one of our larger investors at his home and get back to the office for a day of having fun and making money. I hope you’ll join me.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal

4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor  Los Angeles,  CA 90010, Phone 310-476-7002


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Woody Allen is Famous for Saying 80% of Success is Just Showing Up

Being in the right place at the right time is what MMRGlobal is getting known for.

A new survey of venture capitalists by Dow Jones VentureSource says that VC’s see an increase in Health IT Investment this year. More than 330 U.S. venture capitalists and 180 CEOs of U.S.-based venture-backed companies were surveyed. Among the reasons is increased federal pressure on hospitals and doctors’ offices to meet Meaningful Use standards for electronic health records.

We anticipated this over two years ago when we completed the reverse merger with Favrille. Under the 2009 federal stimulus package, the U.S. government will spend as much as $27.4 billion between 2011 and 2021 to encourage health professionals and hospitals to make their health records electronic.

The process of implementing electronic medical records (EMR) involves a lot of moving parts. Physicians and Hospitals must find the right software vendors, work with that vendor to customize the EHR system to the facility’s needs, and ensure that the software interacts with hardware and existing programs currently being used such as practice management systems.

MyMedicalRecords, the company’s PHR and MMRPro, our document management and imaging system for health care professionals are the only Personal Health Records that can “talk” to any other EMR type system currently in use.

That makes us technology-agnostic and attractive to physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. MMR Pro will allow physicians to begin meeting meaningful use requirements and participate in a Stimulus Program that can place hundreds of thousands of dollars in physicians’ hands.

To assemble a truly comprehensive information and transactional healthcare platform, you need time, vision, money and management to get there, not a small task if you are creating a comprehensive healthcare platform. To see ours visit www.mmrmdvideos.com .

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal

4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor  Los Angeles,  CA 90010, Phone 310-476-7002,  Fax 800-203-2127


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I just landed back in Los Angeles. If you missed the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards telecast last Sunday night it was a spectacular event. Thousands of people lined the driveway into the Las Vegas Hilton, where limos brought nominees and celebrity guests to the black tie extravaganza. Flashes from hundreds of cameras lit up the Red Carpet. Many of the celebrities were in residence at the hotel. They were escorted through an aisle-way in the hotel lobby surrounded by nearly a thousand hotel guests and hotel employees where they intersected and merged into one line with the other celebrities arriving by limo. Then they were all were escorted onto the Red Carpet for interviews and photos. The worldwide entertainment press was out in full force with dozens of television crews and hundreds of photographers. All you could see (and hear) were screaming crowds as their favorite performers arrived.

Out on the street, where it was 102 degrees in the shade, fans six deep kept up their shouts, for Ryan Seacrest, Ronn Moss, the casts of Lion King and Cirque du Soleil, Tony Orlando, Kelly Monaco, Regis Philbin and Rachel Ray (to name just a few of the biggies), who passed through the crowd while security escorted millions of dollars worth of jewelry and gowns that adorned Marie Osmond, Susan Lucci, and other beautiful and talented divas of daytime who made their way into the showroom. Erik Estrada received an especially warm welcome dressed as Highway Patrolman Ponch, as did Montel Williams, Chubby Checker and, of course, Dick Clark, whose tribute was touching and well-deserved. If you can find it on the internet I recommend you watch it.

One of the best parts of the show was during the tribute to Dick Clark and American Bandstand when Chubby Checker sang The Twist. Everyone in the house stood up and danced. I have never experienced something like that at any concert or event. As I understand it, the same happened around the world and efforts are being made to ask Guinness World Records to record a new record for the number of people twisting to Chubby Checker at the same time.

It was serendipitous for MMRGlobal to be a sponsor of the show with two Emmys going to medical programs: “The Doctors” for Best Informative Talk Show and to Dr. Oz, who got Best Talk Show Host. Clearly MMR is in the right space at the right time and in the best of company. It was a great show. I am proud that Kira and I were part of it and MMR was a sponsor. Two sensational After-Parties later I finally got Kira to get off the dance floor about 3AM. The rest stays in Vegas.

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It’s still hot in Las Vegas, 105 degrees predicted for today, and the excitement is building at the Las Vegas Hilton. As an Executive Producer I believe tonight will be nothing short of an extraordinary show. As a sponsor and advertiser MMRGlobal will be showcased with some extraordinary acts, which we will all see in just a few short hours. If you haven’t seen Blue Man Group, or the latest Cirque du Soleil show in person, the next time you’re in Las Vegas, check it out. The Kiwanis are ending a convention at the hotel. I understand their biggest thrill was seeing Regis Philbin in the elevators. Celebrities are moving regularly in and out of rehearsal, including The Lion King ensemble.

Everybody’s talking about what illusion David Copperfield is going to wow the audience with. It’s a tightly guarded secret, as you can imagine. Marie Osmond and Tony Orlando are expected to show up along with Garth Brooks. Yesterday was a scene when Dick Clark checked into the hotel. This is an All-Star event that will be broadcast to an estimated audience of more than 6 million.

MMRGlobal is proud to be a part of tonight’s exciting event. In order to respond to the thousands of people we project will hit our website, for additional information, we ourselves are in last minute rehearsals (under construction) of a special Emmy promotion page which you can sneak preview at www.mymedicalrecords.com.

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