A shareholder called me last week inquiring in general about how MMRGlobal is doing. Most shareholders know that I make it a point to communicate with our shareholders regularly returning nearly every call and responding to mail that finds its way to my desk regularly.  This particular person has been a public shareholder since the reverse merger with Favrille and he was a Favrille shareholder before then.

I told him what I tell everyone about MMR, essentially, that we have a great product, great service and that we are being powered by a government initiative that wants to see everyone in America and other parts of the world have a Personal Health Record. Then he asked me, “Why is it taking so long to see revenue?”

I responded by asking this shareholder if he had a MyMedicalRecords account.

He said he didn’t. I asked why not? There have been three earthquakes, Hurricane Irene and Katia, a slew of storms, wildfires in California and Texas and the massive tornado season this country is busy rebuilding from.

This week we will all be remembering the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and disaster preparedness is a theme that is being hammered into our lives wherever we go and in whatever we read.  Then I asked this father of three small children who knew as much about our products and services as our customer service reps why he is not using the services from the Company he owns.  We talked about how time consuming it is each year when his children prepare for school and he and his wife have to provide health records and fill out new forms, and how much easier it would be if he had all his information in one place, available at the stroke of a key on his computer.

The fact is that MMR’s service is the most secure and safe way to keep all your family’s medical records and other important documents before it gets too late.  The unfortunate fact is that people tend to wait until it’s too late.

MMR is here to get you ready for a “big one,” in whatever form it happens. It was not designed so you could clean up after one. In our case, government mandates to have a Personal Health Record will turn out to be a blessing not more bureaucracy.

Last week I received a copy of an article from August 30, 2011that appeared in Government Health IT.  The article discusses how the use of Personal Health Records at software provider EMC increased productivity, lowered healthcare costs and increased the value of EMC’s share price. The article stated, “The use of PHRs should increase based on recommendations for meaningful use stage 2, in which patients will be able to view and download their information to their computers or PHRs via patient portals and other methods.”   The article quotes Delia Vetter, EMC senior director of benefits and programs in saying that EMC has contained costs by about $200 million over 10 years, and that it also increased EMC shareholder value.

This is one of the first major on point validations of the importance of what MMrGlobal does and proof it works.  Read the article at

Tomorrow on Wednesday September 7th, I will be in New York ringing the closing bell on the podium of the New York Stock Exchange in our continued efforts to call attention to MMRGlobal and in particular the importance of having a Personal Health Record for all Americans and their pets. To make that point I will join leading members of the American Humane Association, including Spokesdog Rin Tin Tin in ringing the bell.

Because I live in Los Angeles, earthquake, fire and flood country, I am prepared in case we have the “Big One.”  All my vital documents, marriage license, insurance policies, financial records and my irreplaceable family memorabilia, and of course, my medical records, are available anytime I need them at the click of a mouse. Kira and our menagerie of pets are also included in our accounts.

The best thing anyone can do for themselves and their family is to have a safe and secure place to put their personal documents and photographs, accessible from wherever they may be, in case of emergency or disaster. That is why I have spent the last five years believing that is the right place to be at the right time in a challenging financial world.

Please do not simply “Hope” it will never be too late.  Go to and sign up for an account today. Use registration code IRENE, protect your family and also benefit American Humane when you do.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal

4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90010

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The Sign On My Office Wall Says…….

“To be average scares the hell out of me” and this week again has been anything but average. It started last Sunday with a welcome dinner for the DrChrono management team at LorschLand. Joining us were friends from Nihilent and Sunil Singhal (a surprise guest who you will learn more about in the future).

We spent two very exciting days in the office discussing opportunities to work with DrChrono and how we could use the iPad as a portable viewer to access and view patient files in the MMRPro system. What is exciting is the opportunity that this type of interface could bring the Company closer to offering a full blown Certified EMR. During the two day DrChrono visit we jointly met with a large MMR group practice client and our first multi branch surgery center to discuss opportunities with MMRPro.

Wednesday was a biotech day where we focused on our patent portfolio and licensing efforts into big Pharma. That combined with the need to prepare hundreds of pages of corporate documents for joint venture approvals in China was like preparing for a road show. If you ever thought regulatory approvals in the US were demanding try China where almost no one speaks English.

Today we are preparing for a two day sprint through the San Francisco Bay area at the beginning of next week.  We will make our first presentation to a major International Travel Group, meet with a new Verizon team and pay a visit to Google Health. When I return on Wednesday I will take the evening off to celebrate Kira’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Kira!

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch, CEO, MMRGlobal
4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor Los Angeles, CA 90010, Phone 310-476-7002,
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Moving Day

Today is moving day and tomorrow will be the first day of MMRGlobal at our new location at 4401 Wilshire Blvd. 2nd Floor, Los Angeles California 90010. We will be at Associated Television Headquarters building (
ATI is the Company’s strategic media and advertising partner. Our corporate office space will increase by nearly 300% to serve you better.

Being in the ATI building will enable the company to take advantage of ATI’s international media marketing relationships and participate more actively in promoting MMR’s consumer and professional products and services on the vast array of ATI’s Television programming, such as you recently saw on The Daytime Emmy Awards broadcast live on CBS.

Our phone numbers will not change. However if you call Investor Relations before Monday please understand moving is exactly what it’s cracked up to be and it may take an extra day to get back to you.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch, CEO,
Tel. 310-476-7002, Fax 206-374-6136
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