Occupy MMR By Investing in Your Family’s Health Over the Holiday

You can take charge of your health by occupying an MMR account with all your family’s’ medical records and other important documents over the Thanksgiving holiday.  We sympathize with those who have opted to take to the streets and sleep in tents to make their point. While we are all feeling the pain of a difficult time, we believe supporting the economy by shopping and investing in small business is another way to “Occupy Wall Street.”  One way you can do a small part is to join in a grassroots movement to set up a personal health record using MyMedicalRecords while the family is together over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Because Thanksgiving is about families coming together, it is a time to make sure that everyone’s important medical records and vital documents are maintained in one place in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to invest in starting a MyMedicalRecords.com Personal Health Record. Your family, including your pets, will appreciate it.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. First, it’s always a four-day weekend, so I actually get time to slow down. And even if I wanted to keep working, the tryptophan in the turkey puts me out for the count by 7:00 P.M. on Thanksgiving Day.  It is also my wedding anniversary to Kira, which makes the memories and the celebration that much more special.

MMR has also evolved through two Secretaries of Health and Human Services from both parties, over two administrations, consistently focusing on Health IT and the importance of having a personal health record. I congratulate President Obama for his efforts to make affordable health care available to millions of people that didn’t have it in the past. That means more customers for MyMedicalRecords.com. And for that, why wouldn’t I be thankful.

MMRGlobal is growing despite the worst recession in modern times, and, despite a dismal world economic climate. In the past few months alone, ng Connect and MMR announced that MyMedicalRecords.com will be the first Personal Health Record to be featured in the ng Connect booth at the upcoming January 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. REACH Air is offering MMR accounts to travelers, UST Global has become the newest strategic partner to MMR, OTC: MMRF has been picked by numerous analysts and other services as a stock to watch, while the Company has been invited to Qatar to explore a venture in the UAE.  The Company is also actively working with Alcatel-Lucent to connect to telemedicine services and a high growth revenue cycle management group to integrate our products and services throughout their network of healthcare providers.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish our many friends, employees, shareholders, and our strategic partners around the world a happy healthy Thanksgiving holiday. At MMR, we think of them as an extended family, and for that I am thankful.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal

4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90010, Tel. 310-476-7002

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Tell Us What You Think

I have set aside Wednesday, April 20, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., to invite our shareholders to come to an informal meeting at our offices, at 4401 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010, 2nd fl., for a “brainstorming” session.

The purpose is to discuss the company’s strategies to grow the business with you our stakeholders.  Senior management will be there to share your thoughts, instincts and advice, as we continue to grow our business. We will not discuss or release any Material Non-public Information.

The overall objective is to solicit your thoughts as to how we create more visibility, public awareness, and of course, value.

In preparation for the meeting, there continues to be significant developments every day, among them:

  • The continued negotiation of a wireless deal bringing the MMR Personal Health Record as an embedded handset feature. Not simply an app.  We are of the belief that having a Personal health Record like www.mymedicalrecords.com on your phone is a valuable life savings tool.  We think the carriers agree.
  • We will share our existing road show presentation that we will plan to take to Chicago later this month.
  • The launch of MMRGlobal Connectivity to HealthVault planned to be launched at the Microsoft Connected Health Conference April 26 and 27 also in Chicago.
  • The possible integration of The MMR PHR into the back end of a multi-billion dollar European technology Electronic Medical Records.
  • Continued final contract negotiations on our three-year effort to launch a MyESafeDepositBox.com type of product with one of the world’s largest banks.
  • Ongoing efforts to complete a distribution and marketing relationship with Lucent domestically and in China.

Since space is limited please register “To Tell Us What You Think” as soon as possible by contacting Investor Relations at info@mmrmail.com. For those who would like to participate and cannot attend in person we will have limited dial-up access.  We look forward to seeing you.


Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal

4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90077, Tel. 310-476-7002

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Never Be Afraid To Experience Your Feelings

Back in Los Angeles after a red-eye flight last night, the last 5-day whirlwind trip had much to remember. However, it was marked with one of the most important and emotional highlights of my life. It came at the Points of Light Institute Tribute to President and Mrs. George H. W. Bush. It was called “All Together Now-A Celebration of Service”. If you watch American Idol and cry at the back-stories, then this was American Idol on steroids.

The emotional highpoint came when everyone was seated and the announcer said, Ladies and Gentleman…..United States President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalyn; Ladies and Gentleman…..United States President William Jefferson Clinton; Ladies and Gentleman…..United States President George W. Bush and his wife Laura; and, finally, Ladies and Gentleman…..tonight’s honorees United States President George Herbert Walker Bush and his wife Barbara. At that point, the person sitting next to me reached over to shake my hand; at first, I did not recognize Governor Tom Ridge, the first Secretary of The Department of Homeland Security.  Then I connected the fact that the universe had placed me next to the one man in this country who could do more for MMRGlobal at this time than just about anyone but President Obama who beamed the opening remarks in from his South American travels.

The message of the evening was all about all of us being a star in the galaxy of 1000 Points of Light and how anything we do for anyone can make a profound difference. I have spent much of my life in service to others and was particularly moved by the stories of the evening. I hope you will watch or record the evening on March 28th on NBC Prime Time. I promise you a family night you will cherish and an experience that you will never forget. For me, it is especially gratifying to be in a business where the deployment of a www.mymedicalrecords.com account or a www.myesafedepositbox.com account can do so much for someone in need, even perhaps save a life.

I get the pleasure of running a company that by its very existence gives back with these remarkable service offerings that can make a difference in an emergency or disaster. In addition to sitting with The Honorable Governor Ridge, Kira and I were joined by friends from the NRA and the Vice President of Marketing for Kaiser Mid-Atlantic. It always amazes me how when you put things into the universe, great things come back. Kaiser, The NRA and, of course, Governor Ridge are already on my call list this week (and they are expecting my calls).

On the MMR front, I spent Friday in Basking Ridge, at Verizon, where we are making great progress in what I believe will be a long-term very exciting relationship. Also, we will soon be announcing an integration of our products and services on the HealthVault platform. In fact MMR is planning on participating at the Microsoft Health Conference April 27, 2011 in Chicago. There we will be selling MMRGlobal as a PHR solution to HealthVault strategic partners. We will also continue our series of investor roadshows in Chicago.

I could not write this blog on Volunteerism and ignore the human suffering in Japan. If you read this blog, you know that I have been involved in Earthquake Preparedness since 1994. As part of that involvement, I raised and contributed the monies to print millions of booklets featuring “Yogi Bear” on what to do before, after, and during an earthquake or other disaster. As an easy act of volunteerism, perhaps you could participate in this simple task to make them go viral.

Please send this link http://mmrglobal.com/earthquake/ (or this entire blog) to everyone you know and ask them to share these booklets with everyone they know. Perhaps someday you will help save someone from unnecessary suffering or perhaps even save a life.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch, CEO, MMRGlobal

4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90077, Tel. 310-476-7002


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As I watch the events in Japan unfold, I am especially moved, having raised millions for earthquake preparedness in the US, Latin America and Japan.

When I was first recruited by the City of Los Angeles as a co-chair of an Earthquake Preparedness program in 1983, I had no idea I would be writing this blog 28 years later. It never occurred to me that I would be again focusing on programs to educate my community on disaster preparedness, or encouraging you to send support to Japan at this very serious time of need.

My primary focus at that time was to educate youth on the importance of earthquake preparedness.  Working with Joe Barbera of Hanna-Barbera and Dan Slusser of Universal Studios, we appointed ‘Yogi Bear’ the first Earthquake Preparedness Bear we printed tens of millions of booklets in English. Spanish and Japanese like the one featured in this blog.


It is painful to watch the suffering in Japan, but encouraging to think that some of the people on the ground today may have been influenced by earlier efforts to educate their families on preparedness and how to survive in the aftermath of an earthquake.

As the headline says, we never really know how what we do in our lives impacts the future of our lives.  We all have at least one school teacher or mentor who set an example that influenced us in later years.  In many cases what we learn in our youth contributes to who we are today.  “We teach best what we need to learn the most and we will always be learners, doers and teachers”.  I think about these ideals and watch for ways to apply life experiences in my daily life today.

As life would have it, I co-chaired the California State and Los Angeles City and County Earthquake Preparedness Committees, for which I received the “C” Flag for Private Sector Initiatives by President Ronald Reagan.  The Award was given in consideration of my work in support of the education of school-age children on earthquake preparedness.  These efforts also earned numerous awards from the City and County of Los Angeles, the State of California and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

In 2006 MMRGlobal also received a special award from President George W. Bush and the Small Business Administration for creating its comprehensive MyMedicalRecords electronic Personal Health Record and disaster preparedness management and communications system.

I am writing this blog on my third coast-to-coast trip in less than a month. I’ll spend all of Friday in new business meetings at Basking Ridge, and the weekend in New York, with institutional investors and some of our shareholders.

Monday, Kira and I will be in Washington, D.C., attending the Points of Light Institute tribute to George H. W. Bush, who will be honored for his contribution to the modern day voluntary service movement.  Also in attendance on this historic occasion will be Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter.  We are proud to be part of the Tribute Committee for this prestigious event, taking place at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

While in DC, Rich Lagani and I will spend time on a government relations tour and meetings with Kodak resellers attending a document imaging convention taking place the day after the Points of Light event.

Then it’s back to Los Angeles to prepare for the release of our annual report.  When I was very young, a man told me the more you put out to the universe the more you will get back in your life.  If there is any truth to that story, 2011 should be a great year for MMRGlobal.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal

4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90077, Tel. 310-476-7002


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Allow the World to Live as It Chooses, and Allow Yourself to Live as You Choose.

After nearly 14 days of straight travel, I have been asking myself a lot of personal questions.  Where do I live?  Where am I going?  What am I doing?  It’s amazing how the answers change almost daily.  Add that to the retrospective that comes with facing another birthday in less than two weeks and I sometimes wonder why I chose the way I live my life.  However, the point is I get to choose it. And I get to follow the inner voice that allows me to keep placing one foot in front of the other.  Living and “loving” one’s life keeps people young. I am not sure what it would be like to not have such an active business life.

Today’s answers feel right; I like what  I do, I love my wife, I love my life, I love my home,  I love Charlie Brown, Mindy, Meatball, Diego, Priscilla and Momma Kitty, I love my best friends and I love my job. They say keeping the mind stimulated keeps one vibrant and young. I guess that’s the trick to my 18-hour days, yoga lifestyle and my fabulous relationship with Kira.

Every day I get to feel the excitement that comes with being CEO of a company that I get to build in a way that I believe is best for the employees and investors who believe in me and MMRGlobal (OTC: MMRF).

No team is successful unless they are all pulling in the same direction; however to pull in the same direction, the team needs to know the playbook.   Unfortunately, the lawyers keep me from sharing the inside scoop and what keeps this “Energizer Bunny” going, but I can share the big picture from the last several weeks.

I have been to Orlando twice in the past two weeks.  The first trip was to attend invitation-only key customer sales meetings as a guest of Kodak, where we negotiated our annual purchase commitments to cover the next 15 months of MMRPro sales. We also were the only customer to receive two sales awards for the past year. Click here to view photo. Then it was back to Los Angeles for three days to put the finishing touches on our HIMSS adventure.

Then once more on a plane to Orlando, where at HIMSS we networked for eighteen-hour days with more than 30,000 healthcare professionals taking advantage of the explosive world of health information technology. From Lucent to Microsoft and Google, we shared MMRPro solutions and our MyMedicalRecords Personal Health Record with more than 180 qualified distribution partners.

After the show, I spent two days in Boston.  On the first day, Sunil and I made investor presentations to more than 30 individuals and small cap institutional investors. Then on Friday, we spent the day with a document distribution company we met at HIMSS.  They provide document distribution systems for more than six hundred hospital systems.

Before I left Boston we agreed to initiate beta testing of a deployment program to offer MMR Personal Health Records to a select group of this company’s clients.  Watch for this very exciting announcement as we begin this stimulating test program, which for the first time takes us directly into hospitals from an existing third party vendor.

Saturday, Kira and I took the train to NY, where I caught up on nearly a thousand emails dealing with everything philanthropic, personal, and mostly MMR business.

Yesterday, I met a second HIMSS lead.  This company is a research purchasing syndicate that matches their 1200 hospital-network with selected vendors in private regional trade shows. After nearly three hours together we agreed to begin the process of having them introduce our Personal Health Record services and, in particular, the MMR Stimulus Program to their customers, making it the second time in two days we have established working relationships that can access hospitals through third party vendors.  Meanwhile, Richard Lagani was in Canada, where he was working on an expansion of Chartis domestic sales in North America.

I used the rest of yesterday afternoon at meetings with Chartis Global Marine and Energy.  I lost an hour when I had to shut off my Blackberry because Kira and I were VIP guests of CBS (our daytime Emmy Awards partner) at the Late Show with David Letterman. Be sure to watch this Thursday; Charlie Sheen gags run through the entire hour of Dave with his guest, the great Robin Williams. Then it was back to the hotel for more emails and a business dinner.

Today I left at 7 am EST on my way to Verizon headquarters in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.  This is where the lawyers tell me I have to be quiet; however, this is the first day of the most exciting days of the rest of my life.

Tonight I will take a redeye home excited about the things that are happening around me and looking forward to being home with Kira, Charlie, Mindy, Meatball, Diego, Priscilla and Momma Kitty.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal

4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90077, Tel. 310-476-7002

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Thoughts For Today………….

Today as I prepare for MMR’s shareholder meeting, I think about the things I want to communicate to those who will attend, and those who cannot be there in person and I am filled with enthusiasm.  I started this company because of my personal experiences and my belief that the technologies we offer represent a piece of the future of healthcare.

I truly believe that having a personal health record will be as important to daily life as having a credit report. With the passage “Obama Care”, more than 30 million more Americans will be added to the government’s insurance plan.  As a result of the escalating costs of healthcare coverage, many of those will come from existing coverage’s abandoned by employers.

 That means that millions will be forced to find new doctors and care providers at great personal expense.  Those costs will be significantly reduced when a person maintains a personal health record, which will eliminate the need to pay for work-ups and care that has already been provided by other treating physicians.

When I was in China, negotiating the agreements with Unis to create a joint venture to provide electronic medical records with an MMR personal health record inside, I saw proof that personal health records represent a worldwide phenomenon based on the need to reduce medical costs everywhere in the world, providing tools so insureds can take advantage of “tourist medicine”, enabling anyone to get cost effective treatment anywhere in the world. As a Company that through its agreement with Chartis International has the opportunity to provide personal health records to as many as 40 million subscribers in 160 countries, MMR demonstrates further the recognition of the importance of having a personal health record in our lives.

This coming October, plans are in the works to be in India with our technology partner, Nihilent, In India, to introduce our personal and professional products and services in a country estimated to represent over a billion citizens.

To support this growth and help insure a leadership position in this global marketplace we are aggressively perusing additional strategic partnerships with financial institutions including credit unions, banks, and other large population membership organizations worldwide. At the same time we plan on securing necessary funding to grow our business while we recruit personal to support that growth.

We are working with consultants and company advisors to exploit the value of our biotech assets, which we acquired through our merger with Favrille, in January 2009, and we are taking the steps reasonably possible to protect these assets around the world. We are proud that our assets might in some way contribute to finding a cure for specific cancers and other devastating diseases. Today we will celebrate our name change to MMRGlobal at www.mmrglobal.com, which will continue to result in an extensive upgrade to our websites where consumers and doctors can watch specially targeted videos to familiarize themselves with our products and the Company. All in all, I see a future filled with opportunity driven in part by a global shift in healthcare accountability for the millions of people around the world who understand the importance of new tools to protect themselves and their families.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MyMedicalRecords.com

Phone 310-476-7002,  Fax 206-374-6136

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Swine Flu Cases Now Number More Than 5,000

The Centers for Disease Control reported on their website  this  morning that the number of Swine Flu (H1N1) case in the United States had risen above 5000, with 5 confirmed deaths now reported.

Again, it is important to note that no single vaccine treatment for this malady has yet been identified. Treatment with multiple drugs, which is the likely treatment course, creates the potential for dangerous interactions for those individuals who already are taking other prescriptions. Having your prescription information consolidated into your Personal Health Record can help alleviate the risk of potential drug interactions for you and any member of your family who might require treatment.

A Personal Health Record, particularly one that  allows you to easily store, file and manage paper records you get from your doctors, is more essential than ever.

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Do You Really Know What's In Your Medicine Cabinet?

MyMedicalRecords.com can help you avoid drug interactions.

MyMedicalRecords.com can help you avoid drug interactions.

Think about the number of different medications your family members take. You may have a prescription from one doctor and a second prescription from another. On top of that you might be using over-the-counter medications, such as pain relievers, and maybe even trying to boost your health with herbal supplements.

The problem is that mixing medications without understanding the potential interactions between them can be harmful to your health.

In fact, a recent study by the Archives of Internal Medicine found a shocking 564 percent increase in at-home medication fatalities using prescription and over-the-counter drugs. This is compared to 5 percent in the clinical setting. The study cited the tragic death last year of Oscar-winning actor Health Ledger, who died from an accidental prescription-drug overdose in his New York City apartment.

According to David P. Phillips of the University of California at San Diego, the cited study’s principal author,

“The amount of medical supervision is going down and the amount of responsibility put on the patient’s shoulders

is going up.”

So what can you do to protect yourself and your family from potentially tragic drug-related interactions? The “Drug Interaction” tool built right into your MyMedicalRecords.com account is one great answer.

The Drug Interaction reference lets you quickly check for interactions on more than 20,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and even some herbal supplements. You can easily access the feature from within the My Prescriptions section of your account and also from the Home page: www.mymedicalrecords.com. In fact, if you’re not yet a MMR subscriber you can take advantage of a special free trial offer.

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