The Mark of Your Ignorance Is the Depth of your Belief in Injustice and Tragedy.

This has been a challenging emotional time in our country. On Monday morning many of the financial naysayers called it the end of the world…..aka, the end of the US economy.

We have had serious downturns before; in fact recessions seem to occur somewhat regularly these days at least every 10 to 15 years. We had one in the 90’s, when the boom ended. Another occurred when real estate took a dive, (with a boom in between) and another collapse to where it sits today.

Fortunately for the investors in MMRGlobal, the one thing that will survive any economic crisis is the need for healthcare and the worldwide agenda to get it better, cheaper and ultimately paperless. In fact, the more the financial stress, the more medical expense.  People stay home from work, disability claims are filed and kids miss days of school because of financial stress. When I watched Hosni Mubarak, former President of Egypt yesterday, on his first day of trial, it’s no wonder he was in a hospital bed. Of course the plight of Mubarak is an exceptional example, but financial stress or otherwise really takes its toll on a person’s health.  That’s why MMRGlobal started giving people a “project” to be excited about,  offering Personal Health Records under our MMRGlobal Stimulus plan from any doctor who displays this brochure

We all talk about how unfair and unjust things are.  Are we are all victims? Or are we all volunteers? Do we create what we believe?  Are we victims because the market is crashing? Or did we volunteer to be victims because we did not see what was going on around us?  Will we talk about how we are victims when MMRF is back at its highs because we did not buy enough now?  It is our choice to pick our future and create our memories, past and the future of tomorrow.

We have all passed owning Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon and others at their lowest levels. Are we victims later when stocks go up simply because we did not buy at a low?  Or again, are we volunteers because we sat at a computer screen thinking and watching paint dry.  The other day I met a new friend at Lorschville (actually they suggested renaming LorschLand). They came straight up to me and asked what’s good today.  Not how are you? How’s is your day? Not even hello what’s new.  I had no other way of answering other than focusing on what was “good that day”. They wanted to know nothing else. All they were interested in was what was good and would have nothing to do with me on anything else. So I told them I got to spend a day at home doing a major television project with Kira for the benefit of MMR. Something I had never done with my wife on a weekday. I could not help but feel good by having that day to file in the memory banks as something good and forget the things in my daily life that consume me with daily stress.

I am anything but dead. I am excited about life and living. I live life to the fullest.  Everyday is a new adventure and journey I get to enjoy when I focus on what’s good.  I am a person who is scared to die.  However, In the long run we all die a horrible death. After all isn’t death horrible?  Everything we accomplished will go with us and, yet if we ask what’s good at that time, it’s the memories and life’s experiences that we have left behind with others to improve their lives, isn’t it? Dying is horrible even in the best of circumstances. So, Is the glass half empty or is our glass half full?  Is perspective key here? Do we use every moment we live to enjoy it at its fullest, or do we embark on this long journey to simply lose it?  I say use it, don’t lose it.

So when someone asks me what’s good today, my answer is I am in a great place at a great time.  I get to keep putting one foot in front of the other and enjoy the journey working to bring OTC: MMRF back to it’s all time high so the stockholders I represent, whether they bought at pennies this week, in the thirties through the Armstrongs or dollars from old Favrille can say; as an MMRF shareholder I got to join the journey and be around for the destination. Remember, when we are here we still get to participate in the wonderful future and miss out on the frustration of the past.

In case you are interested, today I will choose to have a great day and believe MMRF again will see its all-time high.  The fact is I won’t quit, and we have a business that benefits everyone as a result of a healthcare revolution which is this nation’s agenda.

When I decided to invest my life in eHealth and particularly Personal Health Records, I had no inkling that the agenda for this nation would be to digitalize the way physicians do business and that I would be there.

By the end of 2014, we will all have some form of Personal Health Record in our life. We will all be linking to our doctors, hospital visits, X-rays, laboratory tests, and more in one safe, secure internet location, available anytime, anywhere in case of a disaster or another emergency.

So ask me what’s good today?  Seems like getting it at four cents and looking forward to selling at forty cents or even four dollars would make for a potentially great day.

PS. By the way, special congratulations to my very good friend Conley Smith, who was promoted to Director of Media and Sponsorships for Verizon. You are really having a great week and what’s also great is that Kira and I get to spiritually share it with you and Nancy as our very special friends.


Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal

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Getting The Facts Straight #2

Today we will pass the 50 million mark on Facebook impressions with thousands of clicks to our landing pages and IR sites. Encouraging people to learn how they can invest in their family’s health and the future of healthcare at MMRF has been a great way to call attention to your Company as we end the year. Next week we will expand the campaign to Google and Google television. We want to educate users on the value proposition of having a PHR, and encouraging them to learn about the investment opportunities in Health Information Technology. For those who missed the boom it’s now time for the government-fueled HIT boom. In case you missed it, attached is a sample ad from the current Facebook campaign.

Amazon went public in 1997, and had a net loss of $31 million, followed by a net loss of $125 million, and almost $720 million in 1998 and 1999, respectively. In their last annual report for the year ended 2009, they had net income of $902 million. Yesterday Twitter announced another $200 million financing and is still searching for a revenue model. I am proud of what MMR has accomplished for less than 10 percent of the Twitter raise at MMRGlobal.

Although I always enjoy hearing from shareholders and others, it’s the “others” that baffle me. There is this tiny, tiny, tiny group of tiny minded people who hide behind an image of tiny dogs (or other icons) attempting to mislead the public about MMRGlobal. In my opinion, some of these comments simply demonstrate stupidity. My New Years wish to them is Get A life, while my New Years wish to the rest of you is Health, Happiness, Joy, Peace, Love and Prosperity to which I hope MMR can play some small part in.

And, to that point….we are working very hard on the “Prosperity” piece. Last Sunday I left my house at 4 AM to take an early morning flight to New York. After 4, 20-hour days I was on another red-eye back to Los Angeles to meet what could be our newest strategic relationship in Los Angeles with another one of the largest companies in the world.

In addition to Chartis meetings on last Monday, Tuesday’s road show was attended by nearly 70 leading interested investors as well as broker/dealers and fund managers. This included a luncheon speech and power point presentation on the history of the Company. We anticipated 45 attendees and 15 minutes of Q&A. We were surprised to find more than 60 who braved 20 degree cold to hear MMR’s story. The waiters were challenged to find and add more chairs to accommodate the overflow crowd. In New York investors usually come, eat, drink and get back to their offices for the market close. This time they stayed almost 2 hours, never stopping 45 minutes of Q&A. Based on the day it would appear they liked what they heard.

Then it was off to Basking Ridge New Jersey, which I believe will be a regular destination for me over the next few months as we build out our wireless strategy with one of the largest carriers in the US as a potential strategic partner.

What I took away from this coast-to-coast dash is that investors want to know as much as they can about the mandated migration from paper-based records in use by doctors, hospitals and other healthcare organizations, to EHRs. That is why I am scheduling similar road shows in half a dozen major U.S. cities starting immediately after we usher in the New Year. We are planning similar presentations to visit brokers, institutions, and private investors in Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, Newport Beach, San Diego, and of course, Los Angeles.

It is reported that Hitech will mandate deployment of Personal Health Records for all by 2014. Investors want to learn how they can participate in this emerging growth opportunity. MMR has invested heavily in building out one of the best and most user friendly and secure Personal Health Record products and services technology that can talk to any other EMR system today. The people I met with were impressed. They told me so. I think they had good reason to be.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch, CEO, MMRGlobal
4401 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor Los Angeles, CA 90010, Phone 310-476-7002, Fax 800-203-2127,
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