The time is now for patient-centered care.  Last week we saw two major feature articles, hundreds of blogs and commentary on eHealth and the importance of patient-controlled care, the primary focus of MMRGlobal’s products and services.  All the while, analysts are predicting that Health IT represents one of the best investment opportunities of our time, making this the right place at the right time for companies like MMRGlobal (OTC: MMRF).

The doctor is no longer in, they are virtually everywhere.

According to a feature published on September 13th in the Los Angeles Times, while doctors give the shots, patients will start calling the shots for their health care.  The special section,  entitled “The Doctor-Patient Relationship is Evolving”  (aka The Future of Health Is Patient-Centered Care), demonstrates that the pendulum for patient-controlled medicine and the need for Personal Health Records (PHRs) like MMRGlobal’s branded is swinging our way.

As to “Space,” the space shuttle Endeavour is on its way to Los Angeles this week and will ultimately reside at the Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center at the California Science Center, just behind the Robert H. Lorsch Family Pavilion, named after MMR CEO Robert H. Lorsch.

“Until now, doctors have pretty much called the shots in the doctor-patient relationship,” controlling all our medical records which precluded patients from actively participating in their care.

“But change has arrived and patients, say ’ahhhhh’ — it’s about to be all about you.”

According to Dr. James Rickert, the founder and president of the Society for Patient Centered Orthopedics in Bedford, Indiana, patient-centered care means “better outcomes, more satisfied patients and lower costs.” (,0,4906082.story)

Dr. Elliott Fisher, a professor of community and family medicine at Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine in Hanover, New Hampshire, was quoted as saying, “Physicians are experts on likely outcomes, likely effects and side effects, but patients are experts on their preferences.  From a doctor’s perspective, for instance, replacement surgery might seem like a no-brainer for a patient with a bad knee, but a patient may fear that the procedure will wreck his golf game.”

Another physician, Dr. Michael Barry, from Massachusetts General in Boston, says, “Research suggests that patients want to participate in their care,” and that is why we are seeing the growth in eHealth from patients wanting to maintain their own PHRs.

Dr. Redonda Miller, an associate professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, addressing how patients and doctors will spend more time on the Internet: “The patients love it — 50% of what we do in the office could be done by email.”

One simply cannot ignore the fact that 2013 and 2014 will be the time for the Personal Health Record, which is evidenced by another article in last week’s iHealthBeat ( and the music video, “Gimme My DaM Data,”, which should not be nominated for a Grammy.


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Natural Knowing is what many people use when we make a decision.  When I am moving through dozens of decision points in a day, I use Natural Knowing without which I could never get through the hundreds of calls, e-mails and daily action items that make up my professional and personal life.

Using Natural Knowing to me means using my gut and the auto pilot from life’s experiences inside it. Natural Knowing is how I know never to quit even when the task seems impossible.

The best part of Natural Knowing is that it’s available to everyone and at more than one time in our lives we all access it. Unfortunately, sometimes many do not trust it and then it’s game over.

When I first learned about the Personal Health Record business, my Natural Knowing told me that everyone in America would someday have a PHR.  I was wrong. The fact is that nearly everyone in most countries around the world will someday have some form of a PHR. And my Natural Knowing made sure that I would be part of it.

There are natural instincts that tell us to eat when we’re hungry, to seek shelter from the rain and snow, to love our kids and take care of them until they can thrive on their own.  All of that is part of our embedded Natural Knowing.

Unfortunately, all of life is not as easy as plugging into your Natural Knowing, especially in business.  It takes loyal employees, vendors, bankers and shareholders with patience and understanding who believe in a long-term vision and realize that risk equals reward.

Then, too, it takes a special team of people like the ones working hard at our new investment bankers, B. Riley & Co. (, blanketing the investment community, healthcare companies and biotech companies to make them aware of why they should get to know MMRGlobal .

However, it also takes family (in my case a remarkable wife) and some very special friends with whom I can share my most personal feelings of pain and joy, and know that they are always there to be supportive.  I am blessed to have all of the above, especially the latter.

So it appears that along with the HITECH Act, some form of Obamacare is here to stay and millions of potential new clients in the U.S. will select a company they want to use for their family’s PHR as will users of licensees in the international healthcare market, especially in rapidly developing countries like China and India.

A life and business coach once taught me that “when you resist change you are stuck with what you’ve already got.” It seems that in healthcare consumers are beginning to “get it” by Naturally Knowing they should be signing up for a Personal Health Record at some place like

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch, CEO, MMRGlobal
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Go Kings Go and Thank You Google Alerts

These days there is so much going on at MMRGlobal that if not for Google Alerts I would miss my own news. So imagine my surprise when I received this alert about our new “unannounced” DocuFi Fujitsu partnership “DocuFi Signs OEM Agreement with!” The strategic solutions relationship will support MyMedicalRecords sales of MMRPro in addressing the government mandate for medical providers to be digitized by 2014  I will pass this along to the banking team at B. Riley, where I will be spending next week meeting with bankers and sharing our story with analysts. And every day the story gets more exciting.

Yesterday we completed our first day of national training for Vida Senior Helpers, Vida Senior Living and Assisted Transition Senior Living which began to distribute 10,000 Vida Prepaid Personal Health Record Cards with MMR’s new Concierge Service Inside. Now Vida clients can maintain all their family’s medical records and important documents and have them loaded to their accounts by Vida Concierge Specialists.  In the words of Vida’s CEO who attended the training: “Great day….we are all very excited.”  The MMRGlobal Vida branded landing page can be seen at

And a special thank you to “Matt,” a long-time shareholder of our parent public company MMRGlobal (OTC: MMRF) who made the Vida introduction to the Company.  I have to hand it to Matt, he does not just talk the talk (like so many others), he actually walks the walk.   This was a great launch for MMRGlobal and its shareholders, employees and vendors.

This weekend Kira and I will be watching the LA Kings who are within one miracle win of their first national championship while (hopefully) setting a new record for playoff hockey road wins.  Although I never knew Stanley from a cup until last week, Kira’s enthusiasm has turned me into a fan. Everywhere one goes in Los Angeles people talk about the miracle of the Kings.

Speaking of miracles, on March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act. Subject to certain rulings pending at the Supreme Court, the law would put comprehensive health insurance reforms in place that will roll out over four years and beyond, with most changes taking place by 2014. As a result, opportunities have opened for a new industry, including Personal Health Records (PHR) from MMR, which can vie for its own championship cup as a leading pure play provider of patented PHRs fueled by the requirements of government.  Who would have thought that MMR’s patented Personal Health Record will someday become a part of everybody’s life.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch, CEO, MMRGlobal
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It’s Our Time

A little over a year ago, I couldn’t even spell “Hockey.” Sure, I had heard of Wayne Gretzky and of course I knew Los Angeles had a team. But I had never gone to a game until my wife Kira dragged me to one. She wanted me to bid on a charity auction item to have dinner with Luc Robitaille (Luc who?) and ride the Zamboni (a what?) at a regular season Kings game at Staples Center. “Ok,” I said. “Happy wife, happy life, right?”

(L to R) Kira Reed, Luc Robitaille, Bob Lorsch
My biggest concern on game night was: “How long of a break do I have to make phone calls between quarters?” My question was met with a blank stare. “There are three periods in hockey, honey, not quarters.” Kira replied.
I was in for a long night. I obviously knew nothing about this sport. However, thousands of loyal fans apparently did. This wasn’t your usual golf clapping, polite sports crowd. Men, women and children leapt to their feet cheering on their favorite players, passionately booing the

opposing team or a referee’s “stupid” call. There was a ton of action on the ice and strangers were high-fiving each other around me left and right.

Then I realized, after about 10 minutes of play, that the score was still 0-0. What was everyone so excited about? I asked Kira during the break between what I now knew to be called a period. “Winning is always better than losing,” Kira said. “But it’s the grace, the physicality of the game, the creative attempts at goal, the tough body checking, the killer blind pass that set up a possible shot that almost got in, the tense power plays, the amazing goalie saves…they are all stand-up and cheer-worthy!”

“High numbers on the scoreboard doesn’t always make for the most exciting match-up,” Kira added. “All you need is to win by 1.” Kira went on to explain that the Kings were looking great as she went down to the ice to drive the Zamboni. It was amazing watching the Kings at this game dominating play against the Boston Bruins, current Stanley Cup Champions, and that they may be in contention to advance through the playoffs, which hadn’t been the case in years. In fact, the Los Angeles Kings haven’t been to the finals since the Gretzky and Robitaille days in 1993, almost 20 years ago, and they have never won the prized Stanley Cup.

“Wow,” I said. “That is a long time to have an arena full of fans cheering for a losing team.” Kira’s eyes welled up with tears. Oh, no, what did I do? I was trying to make her happy with this whole hockey night! “The Kings are not losers,” Kira stated matter-of-factly. “They have slowly but surely been building a solid team that will be a winner very soon and for many years to come. I believe in the Kings…I believe in Anze Kopitar, the first Slovenian to ever play in the NHL who the Kings franchise molded since 2005 into a star forward. I believe the Kings made the right decision in paying top dollar for the unpredictable, uber-talented defenseman Drew Doughty, who won the gold medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics. I believe we finally have an unflinching, winning goaltender in the young Jonathan Quick.” Then she added, “I believe the Kings are the underdogs that are going to go all the way. They are just like MMR – it’s their time.”

Now, after having watched the eighth-seeded Kings become Western Conference champions by beating the #1 Vancouver Canucks, sweeping the St. Louis Blues in four games, and going head-to-head with the Phoenix Coyotes and winning, to now lead the Stanley Cup Finals 2-0 over the Devils, I finally believe they have a chance. I have been seeing what Kira sees in them and the parallels between a company like MMRGlobal (OTC: MMRF) and the LA Kings.

Like the Kings, over the past years MMR has built a solid foundation with what I believe in our case is the best Personal Health Record in the business.

Because of our forward-thinking to build the strongest company long-term, we hold the patents that will make MMR the King of PHRs.

We have obtained the best players with our strategic partners poised to succeed in the health IT space.

We have gone outside-the-box patenting an infrastructure that gives doctors, hospitals and healthcare professionals the ability to digitize patient records using our systems. And we have even included a portfolio of biotech assets to our bench so we can generate cash to recruit a winning roster.

We have outlasted top-seeded opponents Google Health, Revolution Health and other PHRs who dropped out of the running.

MMR is the little start-up engine that is still in the game.

As I attend the first home game of the Stanley Cup championship tonight as a guest of a sponsor and a new fan, I will be rooting for the Kings to take the title of best team in the NHL. As CEO of MMRGlobal, I am grateful for my wife and all of our loyal shareholders who believe in the Company and root the Company on even when the going gets tough.

Though I am not sure who Stanley is, and why everyone is obsessed with his Cup, I do have my eye on the prize and am working hard to take it home to the MMR supporters and make every one of us a winner. MMR is a long time in the making to be #1…Our time is starting now and we are working to claim the prize by 2014!

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch, CEO, MMRGlobal
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Remember the Plate Spinner From The Ed Sullivan Show?

This morning Elevate Home Security announced they will to incorporate MMRGlobal’s MyMedicalRecords personal health record into the Elevate Smart Home Security Suite monitoring stations and direct to consumers through the Elevate direct sales organization ( Elevate will offer a white labeled version of MMR’ MyMedicalRecords PHR to each new subscriber to their system.

This is a first for the home security industry.  Elevate working with MMRGlobal can benefit homeowners by allowing first responders immediate access to protected health information in an emergency.

Then later today, I am speaking at the B. Riley and Company Investor Conference on how to “Get Your Slice of the Billion Dollar Healthcare Pie” (  After my presentation, Ingrid, Rich Lagani and I will take a series of private one-on-one meetings, where we will “Serve Up the Pie” to the institutional and private equity investors in attendance.

Immediately after leaving the B. Riley conference I will take a red eye to the East Coast for a series of Email Frequency meetings. In June, eMailFrequency will announce a major private label benefits program that has been more than a year in the making.  The program will incorporate the MyMedicalRecords PHR as part of a bundled benefits package for a planned launch later this year.

Then on Wednesday another “red eye” back to the West Coast. While in the air I plan on being on the in-flight Internet working with the company’s strategic and JV partners in China in advance of their planned trip to the US in June.  In flight, I will have five hours of down time to check on all the excitement in Australia where we expect more news over the next few weeks. Back here in the USA, we expect 4Medica to announce the rollout of selected MMR services in connection with 4Medica’s certified EMR systems (

And as if enough was not going on, Rich Teich is busy testing disease specific landing pages for “humans” and “pets” with strategic partner Pets Best.  Check them out and sign up yourself at or or

Surely some of you remember the plate spinners Ed Sullivan Show.  My goal is not to drop any plates  .

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal
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There are no such things as victims, only volunteers.

Children can be the most vulnerable members of the family.  I recently read a story that hackers from Eastern Europe broke into Utah state computers and stole medical records from the State’s Department of Health of more than 182,000 beneficiaries of Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.  A spokesman from the Health Department said that protecting children is difficult, since they normally do not have credit reports, credit cards or bank accounts to monitor.  By the time someone realizes they are victims of an identity theft, it is often too late. This could affect access to credit when it is needed most, such as for an application to college, or for financial aid, or that first credit card as a young person just starting out in life.

That’s where the matter of accountability comes into play.  And being accountable includes having a personal health record for the entire family including your children and pets.  Children represent only one example of how our most vital information can be exposed to thieves, and why it is important to have all our records, including medical records, insurance papers, marriage licenses, mortgage documents, deeds, birth certificates, and the like, protected in one secure place and available anytime you need it.

Over the last several weeks, swarms of tornadoes have raised havoc throughout the Midwest.  Unfortunately, one never knows when disaster will strike.  Are you prepared?   Watch MMR Disaster Video  Every time I see a disaster –tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes, I’m sad for the people who are suffering, but at the same time, I’m glad that MMRGlobal is able to create a place of safety and security for your precious family photos, all your records, and especially your medical records.

You read every day about how your credit card information, social security numbers, and just about everything about you that you want protected, is hacked and sold in Russia, Asia, Eastern Europe, and elsewhere. I guess that this is the price of modern life these days, as technology rules our lives. And seemingly, there’s nothing we can do about it.

That’s why a subscriber to or any of our products and services can rest assured their vital documents, family photos, and their medical records are safe, secure, and available to them whenever they need them in the event of a disaster, accident or emergency, wherever they are, on an Internet-connected device. Our servers are accessible only to retina and fingerprint-scanned personnel, redundant, and hundreds of miles apart.

In 2000, I felt I was having a medical issue.  I wasn’t sick; I just felt something in my gut. So I went to my cardiologist, who ran a thallium treadmill and said I needed an angiogram. I was scared.  Not that it was unexpected, being 30 pounds overweight and a type “A” workaholic. However, a dear friend insisted I get a  second opinion and it was that second opinion that saved my life and may save yours.

So I went for a second opinion.  And I remember carrying a 10-inch thick paper file holding 12 years of patient charts along with a stack of images from the recent test.  The second doctor looked at my original records and thallium treadmill results and did not agree I needed an angiogram; he said I needed a new thallium treadmill test.  And rather than a camera in an artery, that was OK with me. However, in the process the machine taking my chest films stopped over my neck and that is how they found the spot that was ultimately diagnosed as thyroid cancer.  That diagnosis saved my life nearly 13 years ago.

To this day, still no angiogram.  In fact, the heart seems great. However, after the diagnosis of cancer and going through surgery, I learned how important it was to have all my medical records in one place and because of that, I founded  I am writing this blog so others will learn to invest in the time to protect their health and to follow the future of healthcare through companies like OTC: MMRF.

It’s difficult, sometimes, to understand why we walk away from or toward certain things.  Is it a psychic warning, or perhaps simply natural knowing?   

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal
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You Only Have to Be Right 51% Of The Time

A lot has happened since the last time my fingers hit the keyboard on this site and many followers have contacted me and asked where did I go.

Candidly it has been one of the busiest months of my life.  As a result of the HIMSS show, MMR began a relationship which we believe will lead to us being the largest provider of  Personal Health Records for in-home health care.  The program came to us as a result of launching the Company’s prepaid personal health record card. And speaking of “Shareholder Value“, the relationship came as a result of a shareholder who cared enough about the Company to show up at the HIMSS convention and make the introduction.

In fact, the Company is in the process of signing an Agreement next week, bringing our personal health record services to more than 50,000 senior citizens and their families. Watch for details after the deal is signed, on MMR’s investor relations site.

And this really is shareholder appreciation month, as another stockholder introduced us to the VA and Department of Defense at the Military Health Records show, where he stood in the booth for two days, making sure the Company met everyone we needed to meet. Both know who they are and both get a big “Salute “and thank you.

If you have never visited the IR site, now is a great time to go there, since Friday March 30th, the company expects to file its annual report with the SEC.  So at register and you will get automatic notices of company events and filings. And then you can be amongst the first to know when we announce events like the possibility of offering our products in the home.

To those of you who constantly tell me to relax, I am doing it for two hours a week. Kira and I spent a couple of dinners helping raise money for the Navy Seals and other Elite Forces.  As a result, families of Seal Team 6 and other Special Forces units will have a foundation for the benefit of their families after making the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. As a thank you, they sent a Commander to Los Angeles to teach Kira and I target shooting.  We love it, so please don’t be upset that I am spending 2 hours on the weekend unwinding with a sport I never thought I would do.  The good news is I can still see well enough to hit the target.

And speaking of “seeing” or “watching,” last week Kira and I appeared on Jeff Lewis’s Interior Therapy, on Bravo-TV, in a segment entitled Charity Begins at Home.

If you haven’t seen it, you can still DVR/Tivo it or download it on iTunes.  As a result of the show, Kira and I (and of course MyMedicalRecords) have been featured in more than 2 million stories on the world-wide-web.

Also since my last blog and working on opportunities with Home Health, I have met with QUALCOMM, SAIC, Space Camp and attended at least one congressional dinner targeted around the future of healthcare in our nation today.  I have also done three presentations to three EMR Companies in our effort to get MMR’s PHR attached to their EMR as their patient portal of choice.

I’m struck sometimes by people I meet who are absolutely certain they know the answers about what’s really going on.  My experience is they’re usually wrong. They do not allow information into their bubble because they insist on being right. That’s one of the reasons I like writing these blogs  - it lets you know me, which is important when you have a contact data base of 14,000 people that you care about and can not connect with as often as I would like.

However, I know you only have to be right 51% of the time.  So Friday is the big day for MMR, and it looks like those who believed that Personal Health Records were going to be the fabric of our life, and everyone would have one some day soon, will get to be right, to enjoy being on the ground floor of a game changer in the way Americans (and the world) take care of their health.

Last week, I got a call from a woman who saw Kira and I on the Bravo show.  Somehow, despite thousands of emails, she got to me and I am glad she did.

Her 14-year old daughter needed emergency care, but her daughter’s medical records were scattered all over. After she explained why she was calling, I personally opened a MyMedicalRecords account for her and within minutes, her doctors from San Diego to Los Angeles had all the information they needed to treat her.

It’s one of those moments where being right 51% of the time and sticking with my belief about the importance of this company’s products and services made a difference in a little girl’s life.  As hard as this job is, it feels good when you can make things like that happen.

I hope everyone who has supported MMR will feel 51% right as we close the chapter on another record breaking year, knowing that what we do here can make a difference and even save a life.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch, CEO, MMRGlobal
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The Mark of a Man is The Way He (or She) Creates Adversity

MMR Disaster Promo I start many of my blogs with a quote from Richard Bach in an effort to communicate my spiritual beliefs.  Every so often, usually at the urgings of my wife Kira, I drop the Richard Bach because she tells me it makes me seem out of touch with pop culture.

She says she liked it in 1971 – however she forgot she wasn’t born yet. As I approach another birthday week, I remind myself of some of the ideas and beliefs that I have created. One of those is that the more you put into the universe the more you get back. I put 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, into the universe, working as CEO of MMRGlobal.  It’s a tough job with one adversity after another.  In contrast to the headline of this blog, someone once challenged me by telling me that “the mark of a man is the way he creates the adversity that he accepts,” which has proven to be true in my life. That’s why when it comes to adversity, I try not to create it.

I spend every day believing that tomorrow is going to be the greatest day of my life.  That is how I approach each day at MMR, knowing that the 70 plus million shares that Kira and I control will someday lead me to the next 100 million dollars we will share. That’s a pretty high bar when you think about my last company being worth more than a billion dollars.

We all participate in watching the creation and destruction of multi-billion dollar enterprises that we believed were invincible, only to see them restructured. Whether it be Kodak, General Motors or AIG. The biggest fall, but the best still survive.

Then every once in a while something comes along like the little engine that could, such as MMRGlobal (OTC: MMRF).  MMR is a Company that lives on sheer commitment and determination to fight against all odds.  MMR has created the best of its kind,, a lifesaving product and service which is inevitably the future of personal health care because personal health records are becoming the law.

After six years of fighting to build MMR through one adversity after another, last May, MMRGlobal was presented with an opportunity to merge with a Beverly Hills-based weight-loss surgery group doing more than $300 million in accrual-based consolidated annual revenues. They were private, we are public, and so it seemed a good deal all around. The reverse merger would have enabled OTC: MMRF to move to the Nasdaq in a venture that could have been valued at over one billion dollars, according to the other side, which was represented by Deutsche Bank in the transaction. Although MMR might have ended up with only 20% of the merged enterprise, the MMR management team would have run it, and the MMR shareholders would have had a valuation of as much as $200 million. MMR worked for seven months on this transaction, laying out hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and believing the merger would be in the best interests of shareholders. And candidly, if present management of the surgery group were to leave, which they have indicated to me they are doing, it is still a great opportunity.

In addition to the transaction, MMR signed an unrelated $30 million Patent License and Settlement Agreement with Surgery Center Management. Five million of the $30 million was invoiced by MMR in the fourth quarter of 2011, which is due and which MMR is pursuing. In fact, the Company has a hearing on a Writ of Attachment against SCM this coming Thursday, March 8th. As of the writing of this blog, no response has been filed to MMR’s verified complaint or request for the Writ of Attachment

Meanwhile, I will never know if it was the hand of God or great timing, but the patents, which were the subject of the License Agreement, were issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office last December and recently valued at more than $300 million dollars. MMR benefited not only with the License Agreement for $30 million dollars, but by having the patents issued, as well.

It seems like each day is a continuing part of the human condition, where one side wins and one side loses, where we have to compete for everything, including the survival of our nation and our family. We spend our days discussing the endless chatter about the economy, the Obama healthcare initiative, the past war in Iraq, the war now in Afghanistan, and the war perhaps in the near future with Iran.

Doing business in the world today has become more like war than I’ve ever experienced in my life. The Internet has made running a public company harder than ever. One must be available and accountable to shareholders in real time. I take that responsibility seriously.

Investors should all be on the same side with management – after all, we are all investors in the end. We have the same objective and goals – to make a profit on our investment. I am pleased that in many cases MMR has made friends where once we had skeptics, by convincing them of the value in our products, services and growing portfolio of patents and other intellectual property.

This week we saw a rash of killer tornadoes in Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky and other states that resulted in widespread death and destruction. While still mourning the loss of life, survivors are already turning to the future and the massive task of rebuilding. I don’t know whether any of the victims had a account, but if they did, their lives are much easier to rebuild with access to their medical records, personal inventories, deeds and mortgages, insurance policies, marriage licenses, automobile pink slips, gun permits and other forms of identification.

That is the great part of being CEO of MMR – I get to feel good that I made a difference in someone’s life I may never meet when they needed it most.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch, CEO, MMRGlobal
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MMRGlobal – the Place to Go for Dating Instead of, JDate, eHarmony, MillionaireMatch or, etc……….

Win A Million According to Patricia and Tom Darby, investors in MMRGlobal, “MMRGlobal is the place to have fun, make money and fall in love.” The couple met online, in a chat room, talking about investments in healthcare, which led to Tom telling her about his investment in MMR (OTC: MMRF).  She began to follow the stock and invest in the Company.  They got married two months ago in a helicopter high above the Las Vegas strip.  When they heard the Company was in Las Vegas for the HIMSS show, they returned specifically to thank us for the happiness they found at MMR. Tom is a retired Master Gunnery Sergeant in the United States Marines, and Patricia was a college English teacher. They ride tandem on Tom’s Harley and are gun enthusiasts.
MMR returned Friday from the HIMSS convention, where not only was Love in The Air for the Darbys, but it was a Love Fest for MMR as well. You can see for yourself in one of Kira’s television interviews from the show. Kira Reed

Visitors to the MMRGlobal booth fell in love with our new Prepaid Personal Health Records Cards, UST EMR solutions, the Company’s Wireless App for handheld and tablet devices and received hands-on training and continued demonstrations of and MMRPro.

Tom says, “Yep, it was love all right. But I have to say, and don’t forget I was a Marine, it was the sight of that tall, beautiful redhead.  First sight?  I can tell you about it. That she was smart, liked to make money, and would ride on my Harley – that did it. I had already decided that electronic medical records was the coming thing and that MMRF would be the best way to get people like me to take better care of myself because I could follow my doctor’s orders and get the same information they had at the same time. I became an investor in MMR and met the love of my life.”

Patricia says, “When I first began looking for investments to bolster my retirement fund, I thought the investor chat boards would be a good place to start. My friends told me I could check out companies that had good prospects for growth. My life was pretty great – friends, family, health, travel – and I am a bit adventurous. I took a look at MMR and decided it had the kind of healthcare technology I knew from my research that personal health records should have and would be in big demand. You know how chat rooms are; you exchange comments, ask questions, sometimes you even provide the answers. A guy named Tom caught my attention because he was funny, wise, and he knew finance. Eventually we got together for coffee – only to talk investing in MMR, mind you.  And it was love.”

New friends of MMR, Patricia and Tom, told me they plan on continuing to add to their portfolio of MMRGlobal stock, and before they left Las Vegas, Tom said, “MMRF is another name for Cupid.”  In addition to medical records, hopefully Patricia will save their love notes  in the MyEsafe portion of their account.  And in case anyone is wondering, we have no plans to change our trading symbol to C U P I D anytime soon.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal
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Win A MillionMMR is off to Las Vegas for HIMSS12 February 20 to the 24th, exhibiting at the biggest and most important healthcare IT show in the world. This is your opportunity to preview one of the more creative  ways that MMR is building excitement at the show with a sneak peak at MMR’s “Guide to Winning a Million in Las Vegas” available in the MMRGlobal Booth #2062. The system is based on the “Win-A-Million” system I originally developed for Microsoft. The “System” will be handed out to visitors to our booth at the Venetian Sands Expo Center. So if you’re interested in becoming a winner, visit us at the show and learn about MMRPro and how you can benefit from the MMR Stimulus Program. It also gives HIMSS attendees the chance to hit it big before they return home with our Win-A-Million system.

Let me know if you win.

As a visitor to the MMRGlobal booth, you have just taken the first step towards becoming eligible to win $1,000,000, courtesy of the leading Personal Health Record provider,

One way of becoming a million dollar winner would be to purchase the MMRPro system and participate in the MMR Stimulus Program. However, if you want to try doing it while in Las Vegas at the show, you can use our Win-A-Million system guide.

MMRGlobal cannot guarantee that you will win a million dollars using the MMR Win-A-Million system. It is not totally infallible.

It could be that you will encounter a greedy dealer who will not deal you a Blackjack on your first hand. Maybe your lucky number is really the day your dog got out and you got to her before the St. Bernard down the street did. These are imponderables which the system cannot anticipate.

Although you may be tempted to use the “S” word if our Win-A-Million system breaks down at any point, remember, you can still find big money waiting for you at the MMRGlobal booth, in our suite of Health IT products and services and the MMR Stimulus Program.

That we can guarantee.

However, if you decide to go the route of “Making it Big” at HIMSS, we provide you with this book of complete instructions.

You are now faced with a difficult choice.
You must decide whether you would rather:
(a) Keep five bucks
(b) Win a million dollars
(c) None of the above

If you selected (b), just follow these simple directions:
1. Stop by MMRGlobal booth #2062 and pick up your guide to Win-A-Million.

2. Proceed to the nearest crap table and place the $5.00 chip on the number 12 (or “boxcars” as it is known in the gambling fraternity). The number 12 pays you 30 to 1 odds, i.e. you get $150.00 for your $5.00. And you get to keep the $5.00, Lucky.

3. Now take your $155.00 to the Blackjack or 21 table. (Do not tip the waitress who brings your free drink; otherwise you’ll screw up our figures).

4. Tell the dealer you would like to be dealt a Blackjack (a ten card and an ace). This pays you one and one-half times your bet – or $232.50. You now have a total of $387.50. Fun, isn’t it?

5. Hear that clicking sound? Follow it until you reach the Wheel of Fortune. Look for the Number 40. When you have found it, place your $387.50 down, cross your fingers and concentrate as you watch the wheel go round. Think “40” Hard. Ah, one final agonizing “click” – and there it is 40! You now have $15,887.50.

Have another drink. This time, tip the waitress the odd 50 cents. While you are drinking it, figure out a good story to tell the I.R.S.

6. Okay, you ready to go again? You’re still quite a way from the million, so on to the roulette wheel. Select your lucky number. Be sure to pick one that cant’ lose – you need all the help you can get to make a million in one afternoon, you know, and we don’t want you messing up our system with a number that may not win. Your lucky number may be your birthday, the date your brother-in-law moved out or the time you discovered MMRGlobal – any number marking a fortunate event in your life.

Put your $15,887 on the number selected and follow the bouncing ball. Roulette pays 35 to 1 or $556,045. And you keep your stake for a grand total of $571,932.

7. At this point, you may be tempted to take the money and run. Forget it! You aren’t up to a million yet. Before you move on to your next assignment, you will be required to enter into negotiations with the Casino.

Casinos, you see, have table limits and you are already over yours. Tell the large, efficient-looking gentlemen who have now surrounded you that you would like to have your limit raised. Since you are a friend of Bob Lorsch and, as such, a person of your word, they will undoubtedly comply with your request. Besides, you’ve got a bunch of their money and Las Vegas is not too deeply concerned in making you a millionaire this afternoon. Or any afternoon.

8. Now that they’ve raised your limit, you have just become a High Roller, with your own table to play on. What should you choose? Baccarat? No, baccarat’s too stuffy and you probably don’t know how to play it anyway. Nobody else seems to except James Bond. Let’s go back to the crap table.

9. This is it! You’re going for a lot of money this time – almost as much as a basketball player at contract time. Wipe the sweat from your hands and pick up the dice. This time you should make a different bet from the one you made last time you were standing here. After all, 12 doesn’t come up very often on the first roll and there’s no sense in being greedy. At this point, you don’t really need 30 to 1. Why not settle for just another $571,932? This will put you $143,864 over the million mark, it’s true, but what the heck, you need cab fare, don’t you?

So put your money on the “pass” line and – this is very important – roll yourself a 7. (11 is also acceptable in this circumstance and we really have no preference as to which you roll. The important thing to do is stay away from 2, 3 or 12 at all costs.)

There it is. 7! You are now a millionaire, plus a little bit more, thanks to MMR’s guide to Win-A-Million. It is now time for you to relax and have another drink. This time, we recommend that you tip the waitress at least $10. Otherwise, we guarantee you’ll never get another drink at the Venetian for the rest of your stay.

And, after all, you’ll still have $1,143,863 left.

What the hell . . .buy the house a drink.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal

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