No News Means I’m Busy Making Good News

My Sunday afternoons are usually spent like “Three’s Company,” with Kira, my wife, and Michael Selsman of Investor Relations for the company. However, these days we are so busy making news at MMR that we barely have the time to report it.  Kira, who is also MMR’s Spokesperson, prepared a welcome dinner for Luo Jianhui, Vice President & Chairman of Unisoft Group/Unis-Tonghe Technology.  Unis-Tonghe is MMRGlobal’s joint venture partner in China. Mr. Luo arrived last night for a two-day visit to Lorschville and meetings at MMR’s corporate headquarters regarding deployment of the latest versions of our MyMedicalRecords Personal Health Record in China.

We will be discussing the growth of health IT in China since their nationwide EMR launch was first announced in 2009.  Since that time, Unis and MMR have formed Unis Tonghe MMR International Health Management Service Company, Ltd. The venture was formed to enable both our organizations to participate in the growth of health IT in China and in particular the expanded delivery of MyMedicalRecords PHRs in China.

In 2012, the Chinese government announced a USD $3.6 billion (23 billion Yuan) investment to support the development of medical and healthcare technologies. The growth is driven by the upgrades of large hospital information systems and HIT infrastructure.

As to the very good news, following are a few of many headlines that you might look forward to in the coming months:

  • Announcements on expansion of the Company’s patent portfolio in the U.S. and internationally.
  • Updates on opportunities in the Middle East, in particular Qatar.  In fact, one shareholder recently referred to me as needing to change my name to the Emir of PHRs.
  • Continued announcements of licensing and settlement agreements, as well as an expanded patent education and notification program to hospitals and healthcare professionals including major hospital systems such as PinnacleHealth and other ambulatory care facilities that I have been meeting with in Pennsylvania.
  • Specific announcements pertaining to licensing and deployment of the Company’s products and services in wireless apps.
  • Updates on milestone payments from biotech patents and the beginning of efforts to pursue infringement claims pertaining to the Company’s anti-CD20 antibody IP.
  • The “My Hospital Everywhere” PHR program in Japan and the effect that MMR’s patents could have throughout the Asia Pacific region.
  • Anticipated updates and announcements coming out of Australia and Singapore.
  • The culmination of all the above and more, which the Company will share in connection with its upcoming shareholder meeting in July.

Our management team remains as committed as ever to our customers and shareholders.  In the last four hours on a Sunday night I have spoken with Michael, Bobbie, Rich, Ingrid and Eric all about different matters. The entire team gives 100% seven by twenty-four so that MMR can take advantage of being in the fastest-growing and biggest emerging market opportunity of our time, healthcare.

Many of you have followed Kira and my efforts to help free Dr. Shakil Afridi.  Dr. Afridi is the man who helped verify the location of Osama bin Laden for the United States.  Without Dr. Afridi’s participation, we may not have pinpointed the location of the world’s most dangerous terrorist. His reward has been capture, torture and a sentence of 33 years in a remote prison in Pakistan. To learn more about the Free Afridi effort visit

I just spent the last hour on the phone with Pakistan preparing for interviews tomorrow.   As we observe the second anniversary of the end of bin Laden’s reign of terror, follow the media coverage of Kira and I appearing in national print media, television and radio in our efforts to help free Dr. Afridi. We will do our best to post times for interviews on MMR’s Facebook and Twitter sites.  We also appreciate your registering at and voting on the “We The People Petition” on that home page. I will discuss the plight of Dr. Shakil Afridi and what concerned Americans can do to help get him released.

While the Company continues its efforts to notice and license hospitals and other healthcare providers, we have spent the last couple of months focused on selling our products and services or licensing our patents in advance of requirements for patient portals and Personal Health Records driven by Stage 2 Meaningful Use.

Although it has taken nine years since President George W. Bush signed a 2004 Executive Order leading to the beginning of health IT and MMR’s business of Personal Health Records, I am excited to see physicians, hospital administrators and the general public understanding the value and importance of having a Personal Health Record, which is why I believe that followers of MMR will keep waking up to Big News.


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