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This is our time – there’s been an unprecedented outburst of activity at MMRGlobal and in our personal lives.  While the fight against terror is the operative agenda for our nation after the results of this week, along those lines, Kira and I have continued spearheading the launch of the citizen campaign to Free Dr. Shakil Afridi.  Dr Afridi is currently imprisoned in Pakistan after pinpointing the location of Osama bin Laden for the American government, helping end the largest international hunt for the world’s most wanted terrorist. It has been a week of heavy media coverage in our lives from The Wall Street Journal, FOX News, C-SPAN and, soon, Breitbart and others.

On the business front here at home, The Wall Street Journal ran an interview with Athenahealth’s Jonathan Bush this week that speaks to the value and opportunities of the health IT business, particularly as it relates to online medical records.  The piece highlighted that even today, more than 1100 pages of fax are still received in a doctor’s office per month. This clearly underscores the value and significance of the MyMedicalRecords patent portfolio in this extraordinary marketplace. In fact, as part of recent MMR press announcements, the Company called attention to a January 22, 2013 report published by the Michael Bass Research Group valuing MMR’s U.S. patents at between $600 million to $1.1 billion based on what is described as conservative estimates of a market projected to reach a GDP value of $19 billion. We expect those valuations to increase as a result of recent additional patents being granted to MMR in Canada and Japan.

As to Pakistan, please watch the important video of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher grilling Secretary of State John Kerry before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs about Dr. Afridi this week. Please view it on the front page of where you can also watch Kira and me discussing this important topic all over network television. The Congressman forcefully called for the U.S. to stop funding aid to Pakistan while Dr. Afridi “languishes in a dungeon,” stating on a personal note, “shame on us if we ignore Dr. Afridi.”  So true, that this country can leave the man who pinpointed the location of Osama bin Laden behind at a time when we are reminded in the news this past week what he stood for..

You have the chance to show your support for Congressman Rohrabacher’s undiminished efforts to keep up the pressure on freeing Dr. Afridi by signing a petition to free this American Hero and support Congressional Resolution 86. When you visit, you can click on “We the People” which is the link on the upper left corner of the page to sign the petition. It’s especially important now because on April 25th a tribal court in Pakistan will convene for the 10th time in as many months promising to rule on considering his release.  If we get 100,000- signatures by the 20th The White House will comment and that could make all the difference.

So from the pages of The Wall Street Journal, a U.S. Congressman and the Secretary of State on C-SPAN, and Kira and me on the major networks like Fox and CBS, the 20-hour days of my life are filled with excitement and opportunity. Most importantly, I continue to focus on business opportunities including the exploitation of our HIT and Biotech patents by attending marathon meetings on licensing opportunities for the Company. While I am focused on MMR, Kira is off shooting a music video for the band OK GO, I am also planning on bringing the Bob Lorsch Hidden Talent Revue back to Beverly Hills, and spending at least ten minutes a day stressing over carpet stains from our rescue animals.

The good news is despite so many important things to do, I have a feeling that soon my cell phone can take a break on a Sunday or, at least, be put on vibrate.

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