We All Learned Some Things In 2012 We Can Remember As We Move Forward Into 2013.

Shortly before the end of 2011 I published a Blog entitled “Perspective, Use It Or Lose It,” you can read it at http://blog.mmrglobal.com/2011/12/. It talks about my belief system of how moving one foot in front of the other gets you to the finish line when you enjoy the journey, not the destination.

Although it’s only been a little more than a year since we were awarded our first two U.S. health IT patents, I had no idea that we would end 2012 with a total of five and with over 300 claims protecting the intellectual property covering features and benefits of our MyMedicalRecords.com Personal Health Record. At the same time, our patent prosecution efforts continued in 12 additional countries and we began to launch our PHR’s in China.

While the Company continued to receive more patents in health IT, it became clear that they could be relevant to any healthcare professional that plans on meeting Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements. According to the U.S. government, starting in 2014, all Americans are to be given timely access to a PHR.

As I look back on 2012, we started the year focusing on our plan to continue selling PHR’s direct to consumers, employers and associations. Throughout the year, we began the process of integrating numerous programs to seniors, emergency clinics, animal lovers, benefit and affinity groups and other early stage telemedicine providers. Then in January, we also started approaching mass marketers and pharmacy chains, offering a Prepaid Personal Health Record Card at retail. We launched it at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

At CES we also showcased our MyMedicalRecords.com service, as a telemedicine portal in the ng Connect booth. Ng Connect is a consortium of leading-edge technology companies sponsored by Alcatel-Lucent. Through the ng Connect program, MMR has begun interacting with companies around the world interested in providing our PHR as the last mile to their local 4G telemedicine solutions like the Alcatel Lucent Connected Medicine Initiative at http://connectedmed.com/. Next week, we will again join ng Connect and Alcatel-Lucent for a second consecutive year at CES, demonstrating MyMedicalRecords.com as a connected telemedicine portal.

On the biotech side, MMR received two additional patents for our anti-CD20 antibodies and B-Cell vaccine in Mexico. We also received a patent in Mexico for our Personal Health Record health IT service offerings. As a result of the Company’s intellectual property portfolio, we have already received more than one million dollars in license fees and signed numerous biotech and health IT licensing agreements which already call for payments in excess of 40 million dollars over the next four years.

In early February, Spalding Surgery Center of Beverly Hills began going paperless using MMRPro. This was a big deal for them and for us because it proved that MMRPro, our signature document management and scanning solution, had a place in hospitals, group practices and surgery centers. Having installed MMRPro systems nationwide, the Company ended 2012 with a pipeline of more than 17 million dollars’ worth of MMRPro system sales being delivered over the next three years.
When you look at the public markets last year, we have never seen a time when there is so much evidence of the value of patents. In 2013 my priority will be a focus on leveraging that value by expanding the number of organizations that license our patents and other IP.

MMR already has EMR and PHR licensees connected to more than 35,000 physicians. We have spent the last six months sending notices and making presentations to organizations representing more than 1,000 hospitals and hundreds of other types of healthcare professionals in an effort to create licensing opportunities.

In 2013, the Company plans on expanding its list of licensees to include PHR providers, hospitals, surgery centers, veterinarians, universities, nursing organizations, senior care providers, drug manufacturers, governments, radiologists, dentists, wellness providers, retailers, chiropractors and group practices. The Company also intends on identifying its licensing opportunities beyond the U.S., Australia and China to make our way into the many other international markets where the Company holds patents and that are dealing with the modernization of their healthcare system.

I look forward to 2013 being the year in which all those who have supported MMR by sweat equity or financially will see rewards by being in the right place at the right time “The Future of Healthcare Today.”

As the headline says, we all learned something in 2012 and I will use the “life training” in 2013. Happy New Year!

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