The race is on, or rather, the races are on.  Wednesday night was the first debate in the presidential race while another race is on for what service will manage your family’s medical records for you?  And that’s without considering governmental requirements regarding the providing of Personal Health Records (PHRs) by 2014 to you.

The post-debate reality is that Health IT particularly the use of THE Personal Health Record is here to stay.  Both presidential candidates made the case that sharing medical records online between physician work groups at The Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic and others have unequivocally demonstrated how coordination of care with online patient records (including Personal Health Records) can substantially reduce medical costs by reducing duplicate testing, nasty and costly drug interactions, shorter hospital stays while all contributing to better patient outcomes.

Using PHRs and expanding coordination of care to include the patient is projected to provide even better results.  In fact, some say a Personal Health Record on hospital discharges can help reduce readmissions by as much as forty percent.

 So if you have not already jumped on the PHR bandwagon and started one for your family, now is a perfect time to get started as we approach the holiday season when families are together.  It’s a great opportunity to collect all your family’s important health information, doctor’s notes, advance directives, health history, medications and allergies, in one central place in case of an emergency or another unfortunate disaster.

Now I may be biased towards having a  PHR which will take you about 5 minutes to get started. So if you decide to give it a try you can call the office at 888-808-4667 and Customer Service will help you, or you can try our new page where we get your account started for you and collect records for the first family member at no additional cost.  So join the movement towards having a family PHR before a medical emergency or disaster strikes.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal
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