Why Are There so Many Sharks in the Water?

The Senate voted to keep President Obama’s health care bill in place. This means that the Supreme Court will eventually decide whether the new law stands or fails. MMRGlobal is well positioned regardless of any outcome.

When you listen to my Fox Satellite radio interview on The Money Channel from earlier this week, (Listen Here), you’ll learn more about MMRGlobal and why MMR benefits doctors and patients no matter which ever way the debate goes, and regardless of any modification of the law.

Should the bill not get repealed, government stimulus will reinforce the agenda to get doctors and other health care professionals paperless.  If all or any of the program does get modified or repealed, the MMR stimulus plan bubbles to the top as an alternative form of subsidies through the MMRPro system (www.mmrprovideos.com).

In fact, the MMRPro stimulus package can pay health care professionals more than five times the amount of the government’s stimulus program using a system provided in part by Kodak and their state of the art document imaging technology, at a cost substantially less than a typical Electronic Medical Record system. Regardless of reform, MMRPro should emerge a winner in this controversial debate.

While the debate goes on everywhere, MMR is planning a month of very exciting events. First, on February 12 it’s off to Orlando for the Kodak Executive Summit and Awards dinner.  I will spend 2 days with the senior management at Kodak and expect a number of positive announcements about our relationship coming from those sessions.

Then returning to Los Angeles, to prepare for the following week back in Orlando, at HIMSS, in a 20′ by 30′ booth where MMR will exhibit with Kodak’s sales team (http://www.himssconference.org), with Google Health across the hall.  The focus of this year’s presentation is how MMRPro represents a first step for the concierge medicine profession, a very hot subject as profiled in an article in The New York Times this week, located at http://tinyurl.com/4u6g97w .

We will be talking about how MMRPro can be one of the most important support tools to any “Concierge Medicine” practice. Kodak will be there to help demonstrate the new MMR co-branded Kodak Scan Station 550 scanner. If you are visiting Disney World, stop by and say hello.

From HIMSS it’s right on to Boston to do an institutional investor road show, followed by a quick series of government relations meetings before heading home to Los Angeles.

With concierge medicine, patients pay a reasonable upfront fee to their medical provider and receive personal service that extends to having the physician’s cell phone and email address and more plus with MMRPro their personal medical records in real time.

The President and I seem to have one thing in common when it comes to health care. We constantly get criticized for doing what we believe is right.  Obama is working on a national agenda for health care and, like it or not, it is an issue that needs attention.  I am working to build a company using the health information technology he is pushing.

Meanwhile, for every unrelated reason imaginable, I am bombarded by many spending their time averse to Obama or MMR’s efforts.  I guess these days many people do not seem to have anything better to do.  They spend their days attacking and retreating from behind keyboards and aliases, without any facts to support a position, continuing to nibble like sharks on any effort that can help make our free enterprise system great.

Most of these “sharks” have never even tried an MMR Personal Health Record account.  However they lay in wait, ready to attack anything that moves in the water.  I wish them all (the sharks) a case of indigestion so they have an excuse to activate an MMR PHR account and find out for themselves what a great product and company this is.

I’ve always believed that the more you put out in the universe, the more you get back. But it seems no matter what you put out there some of the “sharks” will find it tasty. I guess that is the price of admission.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal

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2 Responses to “Why Are There so Many Sharks in the Water?”

  1. Bill Pannell Says:
    February 4th, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    You have a potential “grand slam” home-run with conceirge medicine. Each MDVIP or other group should provide MMR as part of their package.

  2. John Robert Wiltgen Says:
    February 9th, 2011 at 1:28 pm


    Keep up the great work. I believe in the work you are doing and will continue to support your efforts in any way that I can.

    Thank you for everything.

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