The Only Thing That Shatters Dreams Is Compromising with Greatness

The other night I spent the evening with Rob Reiner, David Geffen, Barbara Streisand, California former Governor, Gray Davis, and the other luminaries at Ron Burkle’s Green Acres Estate.  I sat next to Adam Lambert (my favorite American Idol) and was entertained in a private concert by Elton John for nearly 90 minutes.  The event, which raised more than three million dollars, was in honor of The American Foundation For Equal Rights, specifically in support of gay and lesbian marriage.

 As I sat listening to Elton for more than an hour, it was the closest I could get to the 3rd Out of Body experience I can remember in my life.  It was one of those nights where I was able to truly reflect on all that is going on around me and where I sit regarding my dreams for MMRGlobal.  As I looked around I saw the true movers, shakers and captains of industry. I saw no one in this sea of billionaires that “compromised”.

As I sat and reflected, I soaked in the sounds of the evening and it was clear in contrast that I am not happy with the time it is taking to bring the same feeling of greatness to MMR.  My being there felt like a natural part of the process of seeking greatness for a Company for at least the second time around. Ironically, Ron Burkle had been a big part of my life the first time around when I led a group to purchase a Company from him and then took it public on the Nasdaq. I realized I should have MMR playing in his size playground rather than mine.

Clearly nothing comes easy, and by being satisfied with anything less than greatness was a compromise I was creating. After all when you play on the lawn of the White House and you have billions of dollars in the bank, life is easier. 

In the next 5 weeks I will do a road show in Boston, expand our relationships in China, attend Kodak’s Americas Region Kick Off Meeting in Orlando, attend meetings in New York with Chartis, Verizon and others and spend time on presentations to begin selling MMR’s Personal Health Record for clinical trial usage. I will then come back to Los Angeles for 3 days before I turn right around and travel back to Orlando for HIMMS. At HIMMS, I will spend a day participating in meetings with all our strategic partners, including a planned meeting with Unis and Lucent.  In the process, I will also plan the details of investor road shows in Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington DC.

Meanwhile, The RHL Group ( is working on a possible acquisition of a billion dollar Company, which ultimately could benefit The RHL Group investment portfolio, which includes MMR.

I guess this means my “amended” New Year’s resolutions are to think and live like a “happy billionaire” on my way to being one.  Try it with me.  Coming from abundance is simply a better, happier, healthier way to live your life. By enjoying the now, when we get there, we will have enjoyed the journey, not just the destination, by visualizing the greatness I want for MMR, it’s employees, vendors and shareholders.

Now I will take a break for an hour of Yoga, meet one of our larger investors at his home and get back to the office for a day of having fun and making money. I hope you’ll join me.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch,  CEO,  MMRGlobal

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