I just landed back in Los Angeles. If you missed the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards telecast last Sunday night it was a spectacular event. Thousands of people lined the driveway into the Las Vegas Hilton, where limos brought nominees and celebrity guests to the black tie extravaganza. Flashes from hundreds of cameras lit up the Red Carpet. Many of the celebrities were in residence at the hotel. They were escorted through an aisle-way in the hotel lobby surrounded by nearly a thousand hotel guests and hotel employees where they intersected and merged into one line with the other celebrities arriving by limo. Then they were all were escorted onto the Red Carpet for interviews and photos. The worldwide entertainment press was out in full force with dozens of television crews and hundreds of photographers. All you could see (and hear) were screaming crowds as their favorite performers arrived.

Out on the street, where it was 102 degrees in the shade, fans six deep kept up their shouts, for Ryan Seacrest, Ronn Moss, the casts of Lion King and Cirque du Soleil, Tony Orlando, Kelly Monaco, Regis Philbin and Rachel Ray (to name just a few of the biggies), who passed through the crowd while security escorted millions of dollars worth of jewelry and gowns that adorned Marie Osmond, Susan Lucci, and other beautiful and talented divas of daytime who made their way into the showroom. Erik Estrada received an especially warm welcome dressed as Highway Patrolman Ponch, as did Montel Williams, Chubby Checker and, of course, Dick Clark, whose tribute was touching and well-deserved. If you can find it on the internet I recommend you watch it.

One of the best parts of the show was during the tribute to Dick Clark and American Bandstand when Chubby Checker sang The Twist. Everyone in the house stood up and danced. I have never experienced something like that at any concert or event. As I understand it, the same happened around the world and efforts are being made to ask Guinness World Records to record a new record for the number of people twisting to Chubby Checker at the same time.

It was serendipitous for MMRGlobal to be a sponsor of the show with two Emmys going to medical programs: “The Doctors” for Best Informative Talk Show and to Dr. Oz, who got Best Talk Show Host. Clearly MMR is in the right space at the right time and in the best of company. It was a great show. I am proud that Kira and I were part of it and MMR was a sponsor. Two sensational After-Parties later I finally got Kira to get off the dance floor about 3AM. The rest stays in Vegas.

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