There Are No Accidents

MMR just completed our first week of meetings with Chartis in Johannesburg South Africa. Chartis hosted a worldwide conference where executives representing more than 20 countries including South Africa (the host country), Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and the US. MMR spent the better part of two days meeting with all and discussing a kick-off of a ChartisESafe deposit box in the respective regions. The enthusiasm from attendees was high and I was surprised at how fast some of these countries want to get product into their local market in a much shorter time frame than the typical MMR customized product launch. Additionally Nihilent, our development partners have a 250 person development office in Johannesburg so we were able to spend hands on time on product development of features that can help us remain a better competitor in the multibillion dollar Health IT marketplace.

The company now is currently focused on the Personal Health Record, safe deposit boxes and MMRPro. However we are always looking at ways to expand the features in our products and services, particularly MMRPro.

I often will say in response to the events in my life “There Are No Accidents”. All my life I have collected elephants. I never knew why other than for a superstition I learned as a child. Specifically elephants bring luck when their trunks are pointed to the door. Anyway I love my collection. Yesterday I took a day of downtime. Which means I had to find a Safari where I had reception to my blackberry. It worked. I somehow was on a vehicle that ended up in the middle of a pack of 50 elephants. Very exciting and truly magical for this the collector. I hope the “superstition” is correct.

Robert H. “Bob” Lorsch, CEO,

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3 Responses to “There Are No Accidents”

  1. Ramya Says:
    April 27th, 2010 at 4:50 am

    Way to go Bob!

  2. Bill Says:
    April 30th, 2010 at 4:03 am

    My Mother in law also collected elephants because she also believed them to be lucky. I would send her some hand carved teak wood elephants from the phillipines, and jade elephants from Japan. She treasured them. Reading the blog brought back some fond memories. She also was adamant about facing the trunks upwards and toward the doors for luck. Here’s to hoping that your 50 elephant ephiphany turns into reality. Bill

  3. Dino Says:
    April 30th, 2010 at 4:26 am


    Closely following the developments of MMRF from Thailand. This is the land of elephants for sure – it is the national animal and ‘workhorse’ for centuries, a symbol of good luck and the balance of wisdom/power. If you look at the shape of Thailand on a map I think you will find a resemblance!

    Chok Dee Mak! (Good luck!)

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